New Born Christmas Gift Ideas…

New born Christmas gift ideas?

Time with a new born is a weird and wonderful time. Whether it is your own or someone else a lot changes with a new little family member in the equation…

Christmas gifts for a new born and family are a great way to show you care and make their life easier!

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Whenever your buying for a newborn remember threee things!

  1. How long will this gift last?
  2. Is it going to help?
  3. Will it make them smile?

If you answer yes to any of those questions your gift will be a hit.

Buying gifts is always tricky so remembering to grab an exchange receipt can be super helpful!

Don’t get to serious, gift buying should be fun and never be afraid to ask what they may need!

New born Christmas gift ideas #1:

A great gift for newborns are multi-functional!

We have this awesome Vtech baby monitor! But it also has a temperature gauge, a nightlight and lullaby settings!

Trust me all in one is fantastic!

Learning one gadget when figuring out a newborn is far better than learning 4 that all do different jobs!

This monitor is great because it connects automatically, no silly fiddling trying to arrange and connect baby monitors it is super easy!

The settings are easy to learn and the functions are all super practical and useful in day to day life with a newborn!

Vtech are a great brand and have a range of monitors to suit different people to!

The below monitor is the one up and its fantastic as well, just doesn’t have the nightlight and lullaby options so keeping in mind the functionalities is super important.

Below is a great video on the specific one we have but they also have a video camera one! If you are more interested in the camera one there is some great resources round on the quality of it to!

New born Christmas Gift Ideas #2:

Blankets, muslins and swaddles are another fantastic practical option.

Muslins are great they are multi function:

  • Burp cloths
  • Swaddles
  • For an extra layer in the pram
  • To lie baby on when changing

Plus the cute prints are always enjoyable. Picking one that mum will like is a great option…

I have a box of muslins beside what is classed as my feeding station… it has nipple creams, nursing pads, breast pump, and muslins and burp cloths etc!

As I said above muslins double as swaddles but these days swaddle pouches are getting increasingly popular!

Swaddle pouches have some cool science behind them, you can read more about them on the website.

Again swaddles, muslins, and blankets are great practical gifts for new mums!

New born Christmas Gift Idea #3

Baby memory books– Buying a memory keeping book for new parents is a super meaningful idea!

Baby memory books usually have prompts to be written and filled out and spaces to pop special photos…

Especially for a new Mumma a wee project like this can be a great sanity provider.

Baby milestone book and cards

We have two we are planning to fill out, my fiancé’s mum, and my mum both did one for us. It is fantastic to look back on and something we always enjoy doing!

Something so simple can bring so so much joy… <3

We have pregnancy milestone cards to take advantage of and our baby ones are in the works!

New born Christmas Gift Idea #4

Plushies and snugglys. This is always a great idea! Some baby shower advice I just got offered was;

“Have multiple snugglys and rotate them.”

The idea is they don’t get to attached too one so if you lose it the world doesn’t end!

Plushy toys for a baby.

Having a range of snuggly toys to choose from is a great idea… plus look how cute they are!

Having lots of options for bubs just may prove to be a lifesaver in the future!

New born Christmas Gift Idea #5

Pjs – This is always a fantastic option, pjs or singlets are such great ideas and babies are always making messes and needing changed.

A great idea is to purchase a few in different sizes! The new born phase goes super fast and having to many outfits to get through might just stress mum out!

Buying a range of say 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6 months+ is sure to be a winner for bubs!

Baby clothes

Also to add to that purchasing dividers so mum knows what size clothes are is another wonderful gift!

Baby clothes dividers

These markers are amazing and one of our favorite gifts we have received, makes organizing super easy. Plus will make life easy when bubs is here!

New born Christmas Gift Idea #6

Bath towels and flannels, bath time is a huge part of routine with young baby generally so gifting hooded bath towels and flannels is a great idea!

Hooded bath towels are perfect for wee bubs, keep there head warm, dry their hair quickly and keep the rest of their wee bods warm at the same time…

There is some super cute ones out there too. We have a unicorn and a bear and they are gorgeous!

Towels and flannels are great for not only bath time but cleaning up messes, you really can’t go wrong with these as a gift!

New born Christmas Gift Idea #7

Nappies and wipes, it might sound basic, but nappies and wipes make fantastic gifts for new families.

Newborn Christmas gift ideas is all about making life easier and better remember that!

Baby nappies and wipes are an accumulating cost, especially when your changing nappies 14x a day in the beginning.

Buying nappies and wipes for new families just may mean they can afford a little bit extra on their grocery list for that week!

Newborn Christmas Gift Ideas - nappies and wipes

This is a great practical gift idea, means there might be enough for some extra Christmas dinner!

New born Christmas Gift Idea #8

Reusable nappies! Okay so reusable nappies are becoming more and more easy to use…

Their start up cost is not cheap so buying a few for a friend to try is a wonderful idea!

Reusable nappies save extensive amounts of money, as we talked about before nappies are a frequent use thing!

Newborn gift nappies

We have a post with everything you need to know about reusable nappies! Click the link below or the image above to read it!

New born Christmas Gift Idea #9

Bibs! Bibs are super cute with a limited shelf life, because news flash… babies are messy.

Bibs are a fantastic gift idea! They are practical, washable, can be super cute and it means mum and dad have one less thing to worry about having to buy more of for baby!

The bibs with the teething part like the ones below are fantastic too, it won’t be long before bubs is chewing on everything he or she can get their mouth on.

In the end any sort of bib is going to be a practical choice for a family with a new baby. Have fun picking cute prints.

New born Christmas Gift Idea #10

Pacifier with toy attachment, pacifier clips. These are great ideas if you know that the new baby is using a pacifier!

Pacifier soft toys ensure that the pacifier won’t get lost if it falls on the ground or out of the cot.

Pacifier clips can be life savers in the car ensuring that the pacifier never ends up under a seat while your driving or two far away from the bubs!

These are awesome gifts for reflux babies too… Check with mum or dad first cause not all babies have pacifiers!

Newborn Christmas Gift Idea #11

Baby wrap, these are a great idea for the family who hasn’t got one yet!

New born Christmas gift ideas are the best because it makes life EASIER for the new family.

Also for the baby who likes to be held ALL. THE. TIME.

Baby wearing is an awesome way to be able to do lots of normal everyday things and have bubba snooze and be safe with you.

Practical, safe and loved for year baby wraps are an awesome Christmas gift for a family with a newborn.

New born Christmas Gift Idea #12

Milestone cards, milestone cards for when baby arrives are a great idea.

This is the perfect new born Christmas gift idea.

Especially for sharing photos with family. Little cards that say “I smiled today.”

“First tooth”

“5 weeks old”

They are all super great, super clear ways to share important milestones with the family.

New born Christmas Gift Idea #13

Books! Books are 100% great for any family with a baby of any age!

Babies love black and white books specifically as their vision develops in the early days.

Black and white books for little babies actually help to develop the optic nerves in their eyes and are great for brain development!

Buying books specifically for newborns or fantastic kids favorite’s like “giraffes can’t dance” Will be a winner either way…”

New born Christmas Gift Idea #14

New born Christmas gift ideas are so much fun like this idea I love!

Play mats, these are great for tummy time or for keeping baby amused within your sight maybe while you eat lunch!

The colors and everything else is yet again great for babies development and encourages their wee minds.

This gift is a great one for any family with a bub as it sometimes allows for supervised hands free time…

My childhood fave movie was nemo so this right here is on my daughters Santa list for this year!

New born Christmas Gift Idea #15

Custom picture, sometimes the best gift you can give is one that you put a little bit of effort into making!

The above frame has a photo of our daughter from her first ultrasound and our pregnancy test we took together…

It costed me $25 max.

I picked a photo I loved, found the perfect frame and wullah.

Doing a meaningful frame for a new family, of their ultrasound photo, of special photos from the birth anything special you have access to.

This is a super meaningful gift and the baby will grow up to cherish it!

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