Busy Mum Recipes – The Easiest, Yummiest Omelette!

For this weeks Busy Mum Recipes, my current favorite breakfast food! It also doubles as a great lunch or dinner and is filling and super customizable!

You know we love customizable food @ A Real Mum NZ!

So without a doubt lets talk about the wonderful Omelette…


  • 2 Eggs- add more eggs for a larger Omelette
  • Salt – just a pinch
  • Onion – finely chopped and seared in butter and cooked with finely sliced bacon
  • Bacon – cooked with onion
  • Grated cheese – for in and on the omelette
  • Rosemary – a little bit of spice…

Food can be a really tricky thing when you have too much time to think about what you might want, or want to make. Especially now in the third trimester I am starting to find myself ‘resting’ a whole lot more. This gives me almost too much time to think about what I want to eat!

So a new strategy I am bringing to my kitchen is called the “Always Eats” list!

So pretty much it is a framed image I am going to put on the wall that has a list of simple, easy things I always enjoy….

The point is although I may not enjoy an Omelette everyday I might just feel like a grilled cheese… which is next on my list!

I can’t count the amount of times I message my fiancé saying “I’m hungry” then moan and groan about having to figure out what I feel like!

Here is mine below! (Still a work in progress) My fave easy things to make…

Optional extras:

The great thing about an Omelette is the versatility of them! Eggs have heaps of benefits and go well with lots of different foods!

Things like onions and garlic salt are great options!

Avocado and little angel tomatoed would make a great side!

plate of yellow food with green relish
Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

Even spinach with the cheese in the center of the Omelette is a yummy and healthy idea!

Bacon and cheese are the go to for an Omelette in our house!

The benefits of eggs:

Eggs have a range of benefits!

  • Eggs are high in protein! What are the main building blocks of the human body? Proteins! Eggs are fantastic because they contain all the right amount of amino acids and protein!
  • Carrying on from our last point eggs being high in protein means they are super filling! They are a staple in diets for the exact purpose they are full of all the good stuff.
brown eggs in a bowl beside fruits on tray
Photo by Cup of Couple on Pexels.com
  • Believe it or not eggs are actually high in cholesterol but they only raise the right levels for us humans! What more could you want!
  • Eggs are one of the most nutrient filled foods on the planet! Packed full of heaps of goodies eggs have so many benefits!
  • Proteins from eggs will help aide your body in repairing and caring for your body!
  • They are generally affordable! This makes them accessible for just about anyone.

How to cook the perfect Omelette:

So without a doubt the hardest part of an Omelette is actually cooking it!

Dare I admit it, it has taken me a while to crack it and not end up with some that looks like scrambled eggs…

  1. Chosen ingredients into a jug or bowl and whisk the egg and extras together. Make sure if your doing bacon and onion do them first!
  2. I then warm up my pan…
  3. Pour your egg mix in and leave it.
  4. (I don’t have specific times) Next I generally just watch once the eggs are cooked at the edge then I will generally lift it a little to get an idea of the color that the Omelette is and that is how I decide when to flip it…
  5. Flipping it… ahhh the hardest part! Tilt your pan so all the uncooked mix runs to one side then flip it over and flatten the pan out!
  6. It sounds technical but it isnt the idea is to get the uncooked mix to the bottom so then the top will be nice and flat and the bottom will be the same!
  7. It may take some practice be easy on yourself…

Easy Omelette’s are that easy! Light fluffy and my fave filling breakfast! Feel free to show me your attempts or tell me your favorite way you like eggs!


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