Baby Shower Gift Ideas! (To suit every mum)

Baby shower gift ideas! Whether you already have your own kiddies or don’t it can feel totally overwhelming.

Sometimes remembering what you enjoyed when you had your baby or guessing what someone may need is totally daunting!

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So I am here with a concise practical list of everything you could possibly need for anyone!


Name Blocks – This is a great idea! If we hadn’t been gifted them I don’t know if I would have every thought of this…

Usually the name block kits come with numbers to so if you don’t want to do names then a special date is just as nice!

Having our daughters name set up in her room has made it far more cosy and homy. I

t is a great feeling for mums to be and this is a totally foolproof gift. It can work in many ways for anyone!


Disposable Nappies – Honestly I don’t think mums will ever not be happy about nappies!

It may be best to check with her as she could have a huge stock of newborn nappies so buying her the next size up could be a great way too show her some love!

Make sure you chat to the mum to be and see what she needs in this regard!

Nappies add up to a lot of cost overtime so even 2-3 bags means they may be able to afford a treat in the groceries one week… things like this will make mumma feel really noticed.


Reusable Nappies – This is a more individual gift!

If you hear a mum chatting about maybe wanting to try these or being interested gifting her some is a fantastic baby shower gift! Even if its 2-5 of them, it gives her the chance to see if she wants to use them!

What better gift to give than something that could save her oodles of money?

If you want to know more about reusable nappies (for yourself or someone else) you can read our know all guide here!


Wipes are a great gift for any mum who is expecting! It is one less thing she has to add into her grocery shop and maybe she might even get a block of chocolate that week instead!

Doing a bit of research on wipes brands can be a great idea too, always go for what is best for baby’s skin. This makes mum and bub’s life easier!

Make sure you know what brand she likes… this is easy to talk about with a new mum subtly trust me!

Trying to find the most eco friendly and good for baby’s skin ones are a great idea if it is her first! Giving her lots of chances to try different wipes…


Yet again another cost mum is going to have on her weekly grocery list if she ends up breastfeeding!

The great thing about breast pads is you are buying them for mum! A pack of these and maybe some cookies is going to make mum feel really noticed…

Another option with breast pads is you can buy disposable ones and reusable ones… OR BOTH!

Reusable ones yet again mean mum has a chance to try them and see there worth… it means she may end up investing in more and cutting out that pesky cost from her long list to get!


Another great option is toys! When you are prepping for a baby the last thing you want to think about can be toys.

You have things to buy like capsules, prams, maternity pads etc.

Toys are generally towards the bottom of the list. This means they are the perfect gifting idea for friends and family to gift a mum to be.

Good quality toys, with no small parts that have bright colors and make sounds and can be chewed on are the best sorts of toys you can buy!


Books are a fantastic gift! They are going to last forever and you never know which book will become babies favorited in the years to come!’

For a new born books in black and white are beyond fantastic as their little eyes grow accustomed to our world. These books can offer many hours of entertainment over these early days!

Timeless story books are something you can never go wrong with… even though for some time baby won’t understand who Hairy Maclary from Donaldsons Dairy is!

In the years to come she will love and cherish the book and the time spent with people who read it to her without a doubt.

Books and reading are a valuable resource when bringing up a young kid so books are always a wonderful, wonderful gift!


You already know all the positives of books! (There are plenty)

Bookends are a great edition to books… they make for super cute storage. Especially for baby’s favorite books! This is just another little homely feature your to be mum may enjoy in her nursery!


Singlets are a fool proof gift idea! Dressing anyone or anything can be a tricky and quite individual expierence.

Rest assured most babies are in singlets for a great chunk of the beginning of their lives. Short sleeved and long sleeved!

You know the singlets I mean yeah?

The ones with the three buttons to keep bub’s nappy in place! They are great, practical, warm, breathable and have super cute patterns so mum can enjoy dressing baby.

Singlets in a few different sizes are a great option when gift buying for an expectant mother!


Pjs are another great idea, baby will be wearing these a lot. Baby showers can result in a lot of newborn size stuff so keep this in mind!

Again this is one less cost for mum to be thinking about, which is always something to be grateful for!

Picking prints you know she will enjoy just might help her keep her sanity when she gets up 10x a night in those early days.

Practical and enjoyable for you to pick, make the most of shopping for mum and grab a few different sizes as babies grow FAST.


When it comes to baby shower gift ideas, this is a goodie and one you almost would never think of!

Baby sized coat hangers… super practical and help mum out with storing and keeping everything neat.

Although this may go out the window when baby comes as the sleep deprivation settles in!

Another great idea to pair with this could be a “washing kit”. Include things like

  • Sensitive skin laundry liquid
  • Gentle baby shampoo
  • Gentle baby conditoner
  • Gentle baby wash
  • Maybe some nice body washes for mum and dad

All in all this is a super practical gift and one less thing mum has to buy for herself!


This is another great idea! New born babies come with lots of awake time in the middle of the night…

Feeds, nappy changes, cuddles… all happening in the dark! So a super cute lamp, maybe one with different settings or dim lights will really help mum out!

Having a nice lamp to switch on may just help her out at night and make those early days a bit more bearable!

We are always looking to make mums life easier with these gifts!


Similar to the last one a dim nightlight can be a great gift so mum can still see while she is settling baby overnight!

A cute shape or size and maybe with some fancy features is always welcome.

But hey simple is great and a super simple dim night light will help avoid accidents in the night and ensure baby doesn’t end up over stimulated either!

Win win for mum and baby here!


This is another great gift! Reasonably priced and gives mum the opportunity to see if this works for her and baby!

White noise machines are consistently raved about for newborns and older bubs alike.

In the womb baby is used to hearing everything and being rocked to sleep by movement and noise!

So replicating this in the big wide world is going to be great for mum and baby as they start to adapt to their new routine!\

Another option could be a nice radio that mum could pop on quietly during night feeds or when settling baby during the day!

Sometimes white noise may be claustrophobic to some mums so this is a great option for something a little different!


Okay so you can never go wrong with treating new mum! Just remember that…

Her fave snacks in a basket might be the perfect way to be like hey don’t forget to take care of you too!


A birth care package for after baby’s born can be a great idea! When it comes to baby shower gift ideas, this ones fab!

It needs to be a good size to pack into the hospital bag and you can include in it things like;

  • Maternity pads
  • Nursing pads
  • Chocolate
  • Panadol and Ibuprofen
  • A sweet message
  • Something for the baby
  • Something for mum
  • Something for dad!
  • Little toiletries are another great option
  • You could even include a nice photo of mum and dad together in a frame!

You want to include things that mum AND dad will enjoy in those first days/weeks!


Similar to the birth care package, doing up a basket with things in it for helping mum on her breastfeeding journey are important!

You can include things like;

  • Choclate… of course
  • A nice new drink bottle, a feeding mum needs lots of water\
  • Lactation cookies!
  • Yummy, healthy treats
  • Museli bars are great
  • Nipple cream or balm
  • A couple of new flannels she can put cool water on for sore breasts
  • A sweet note or little motivational card is always nice!

Breast feeding can be mentally and physically draining so a pack like this in the early days can be a really sweet gesture!


A when your exhausted package could be a little gift for mum to open when she feels totally drained.

It happens!

A sweet note saying how proud you are maybe a fave snack and nice photo of you with her or something she loves might just be what she needs to put a smile on her face!

You could even make a couple to give to dad sop he can give them to her when she sees she needs it, or even when he needs it!

Baby shower gift ideas certainly is a wide topic!


A play mate is another great option, similar to that of toys.

Make sure it is safe and practical and mum just may love you for it!

Always aiming to take one thing off her list to buy in the more stressful times leading up to baby’s arrival…


Again another great option, bouncers can be great for keeping newborns and baby’s alike quiet in the early days.

The rocking simulation is again similar to the womb and this keeps them happy and can be a great bit of relief for mum!

Babies crave comfort in the early days and sometimes putting them down time is scarce.


Another great toy gift idea! Talk to mum see if this is something she may love and maybe split the cost with a couple of other freiends.

This can be a bigger cost for mum so it would be a very thoughtful gift as she starts stockpiling nappies and maternity pads!

So that is it! Baby shower gift ideas!

Let me know below what your favorite gift was your received or what mum you bought for that she loved it.

We all need to support a new mum and all these ideas are designed to do that one way or another!

Follow me below. I’d love to hear from you!


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