38 Weeks pregnant – What you need to know…

38 Weeks Pregnant… What is it really like?

Hey guys welcome to the weekly series I will be completing for the rest of my pregnancy. ( 2weeks to go!)

If you want to know the totally raw truth on how I feel, what symptoms are round, how big baby is and what prep for birth that has been done that week then you are in the right place!

Pregnancy is a journey and I am super keen to have a record of the last 6 weeks (if she stays in that long).

My hospital bag is well and truly ready now for when bubs decides its time to come. Having a list made it so much easier when I was packing!

Hospital bag checklist…

Sign up and get your free printable hospital checklist to help pack your bag! You need this list to make sure you don’t forget anything!

38 Weeks!!!

38 weeks pregnant… Wowwee!

I think I say this most weeks but I can’t even believe we are here!

I keep telling everyone it honestly doesn’t feel real… like I feel like it should because she is so big and I know she is in there, and we have all the baby gear!

Till I go into labour I just don’t think it will feel real!

The cutest thing ever happened this morning…. SHE GOT THE HICCUPS!

Well it wasn’t so cute to start with cause I was half asleep and I was so concerned like why am I twitching what the heck! Is something wrong???

It took me 10 minutes of worrying and moving positions to realize she had the hiccups!

So cute… but also the weirdest feeling in the whole world!

38 Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate:

38 Week Bump Picture:

The bump this week is super low and that is really all I have to report on! She doesn’t feel like she is getting overly huge or anything like that…

Although I am super excited as I have put on a total of 15kgs which is fantastic as I only lost weight at the start…

She is so ready to go and so am I, I can’t wait!

So much love already <3

38 Weeks Pregnant – Symptoms:

I am lucky to have only had one more bad batch of leg cramps!

Still have stretchmarks only on my left hip. I’ve found this amazing massage oil that is designed for stretchmarks and it also stops the itching as my tummy stretches! The Weleda is like my must have now…

This week the coolest thing happened! She got the hiccups! Her movements have definitely slowed down as she’s running out of space! Still sticks her foot out to say hi all the time and moves a lot.

I have been getting the lightning strikes or knitting needles if you will and holy moly they are an odd sensations! I had some very intense ones the other day in the car pretty sure my poor fiancé thought I was going into labour!

She is head down now and right down low! Hasn’t changed she is in correct position at this stage which is great.

Braxton hicks are getting sort of crazy. Definitely noticing them quite often and they are keeping me up at night on and off… they can be super intense and achy now!

My sleep I feel has improved but I have got really tired now so it is easier to sleep from pure exhaustion… I am struggling sort of with insomnia at super weird times then other times I sleep right through, it can’t make its bloody mind up eh!

Nausea is not to bad this week… on and off, as good as to be expected. Hot flushes only come with the super bad batches of nausea occasionally and usually when I’m trying to sleep… don’t know what causes them!

Ankle and leg swelling not to bad, but uncomfy when it is around. I am kinda a little swollen all the time so it doesn’t bother me to much. Being 38 weeks pregnant is hard lol.

Not feeling fussy anymore food wise so that’s great!

Oh and probably last but not least I STILL have to pee ALL. THE. TIME. Ain’t no advice for this one!

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38 Weeks Pregnant – Baby’s Size

This week (going off my glow nurture app) baby is growing quickly!

The app recons I have about 21 days of pregnancy to go… where has that time gone…

Baby is 50.7cm long! That is longer than last week… and don’t I know it.

She is weighing at around 3.3 kg, she measured I’m guessing she is probably around 6 pounds now!

Apparently she is currently the size of a… small Watermelon… What goes in must come out I guess!

watermelon fruit
Photo by Brian van den Heuvel on Pexels.com

I’m not so keen on watermelons lol!

This weeks prep:

I’ve been lying on my Shakti every day for half an hour at least, and I love it!

I have been practicing breathing techniques and a bit of meditation which I am hoping to use all of this when it comes time for labour!

Its also been cool to be utilizing birth affirmations from a gorgeous journal I got from my LMC.

Plus I coloured in a picture and framed it… “I replace fear with faith!”

So all fun things, plus babies bags are good to go and we got a new dresser for her so I am going to organize that a little bit this evening!

38 Weeks Pregnant Emotions:

Emotions wise feeling really settled which is cool…

I have this odd feeling like it all isn’t real!

Like I know there’s a whole human in there.

And I know we have all the stuff…

But I swear till I go into labour it won’t feel real!

I can’t wait…

Current fave pregnancy photo…

My partner took this and I really love it. My body has changed so much!

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