37 Weeks Pregnant! What do you need to know?

37 Weeks Pregnant… What is it really like?

Hey guys welcome to the weekly series I will be completing for the rest of my pregnancy. ( 3weeks to go!)

If you want to know the totally raw truth on how I feel, what symptoms are round, how big baby is and what prep for birth that has been done that week then you are in the right place!

Pregnancy is a journey and I am super keen to have a record of the last 6 weeks (if she stays in that long).

My hospital bag is well and truly ready now for when bubs decides its time to come. Having a list made it so much easier when I was packing!

Grab our nappy bag packing list! It is a must for any mum!

37 weeks pregnant… Holy moly.

I think I say this most weeks but I can’t even believe we are here!

It is weird cause I always thought at the end of pregnancy I would be like totally debilitated, but I am actually the best I have been all pregnancy…

Like ok so its hard to do my shoes up and put socks on a wee bit, but I feel great!

So now were entering our birth month!!!

Where chances go up for baby coming any second I guess, it so doesn’t feel that way but it is also really cool.

I feel totally calm about the fact we are going to meet our daughter soon.

Honestly I am so excited for birth… what a blessing to get to go through it.

I think I really put off getting excited over the constant fear of we could lose her. That is still around but diminishing!

But yeah this part of my pregnancy is the most exciting… aaaanddd the nesting has kicked in hugely in the last couple of days!

37 Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate:

37 Week Bump Picture:

The bump this week doesn’t feel like its grown all that much… thank goodness!

Although I am super excited as I have put on a total of 15kgs which is fantastic as I only lost weight at the start…

She is sitting super low all ‘engaged’ so that is fantastic…

37 Weeks Pregnant – Symptoms:

Still having limited leg cramps touch wood! That is always a blessing.

I still have stretchmarks only on my left hip. I have found this amazing massage oil that is designed for stretchmarks and it also stops the itching as my tummy stretches!

This week her movements are not to bad, I still think they are just something you never quiet get used to. But I am more accustomed to them somewhat…

I have been getting the lightning strikes or knitting needles if you will and holy moly they are an odd sensations!

She is head down now and right down low! Thankgod!

Braxton hicks are getting sort of crazy. Definitely noticing them quite often and they are keeping me up at night on and off…

My sleep I feel has improved but I have got really tired now so it is easier to sleep from pure exhaustion…

Nausea is not to bad this week… on and off, as good as to be expected.

Hot flushes are currently leaving me alone, doubt that will last lol…

Ankle and leg swelling not to bad, but uncomfy when it is around.

Not feeling fussy anymore food wise so that’s great!

Oh and probably last but not least I STILL have to pee ALL. THE. TIME. Ain’t no advice for this one!

Sleeping is tricky some nights to but I am in love with my body pillow to help make sleeping easier! She really is rough now but taking the weight of being completely on my belly definitely helps.

I have been having the worst sleep but snuggling the body pillow is making it easier.

Being able to lie almost on my tummy stops me rolling on to my back and supports and hip and back pain I am having.

I have a more detailed post on the body pillow so check it out if your struggling with back and hip pain!

37 Weeks Pregnant – Baby’s Size

This week (going off my glow nurture app) baby is growing quickly!

The app recons I have about 21 days of pregnancy to go… where has that time gone…

Baby is 49.8cm long! That is longer than last week… and don’t I know it.

She is weighing at around 3.1 kg, she measured in at 5 pounds 13 oz in her growth scan 4 days ago so!!

Apparently she is currently the size of a… Leek!

I love leeks!

silver steel sauce pot
Photo by Toa Heftiba Şinca on Pexels.com

This weeks prep:

I have started a new routine! I am aiming to do yoga 4x weekly from now on to help when it comes time for her arrival. UPDATE: So far I have been useless at this… but I am going to do some work on habits cause it will be really beneficial. Update 2: Still been useless… OK so yoga hasn’t happened at all! But I am now lying on my shakti mat for half an hour a day to get the blood flow going…

Nesting has kicked in and I am now rearranging things…

Tomorrow I am batch making some Sheppard’s pie and mac and cheese and vacuuming out my draws… lol nesting who?

36 Weeks Pregnant Emotions:

Emotions wise feeling pretty good now!

A lot more settled now, it honestly feels like I am not even pregnant.

Bet you my partners happy about that…

See you next week…

Baby Shower Photo:

My baby shower was fabulous!!

Here’s a photo below of me with my little sisters who are more than excited for our babies appearance…

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