10 Essential Baby Items For Your Registry! (Things that make life easier)

Essential baby items! I remember when I first got pregnant thinking ‘oh no, we are gonna have to buy ALL THE STUFF.” Not that I knew what even half the ‘stuff’ was you needed anyway! A cot, maybe some nappies?

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So today I have compiled the top 10 things that I am really excited to use for my daughter! The items I have chosen I have seen used on my little sisters, cousins and other family babies! I can’t wait to show my girl everything we have for her!

Essential baby item #1… capsule!

  • The first thing that has given me total piece of mind and is an essential is a capsule car seat! Having a safe car seat for your baby gets rid of so many worries especially later in pregnancy! It is super important you do your research to ensure you buy the correct car seat for your baby. Your area of the world will have its own set of rules and regulations for different age groups and what car seat safety standards need to meet. It is super important for your baby’s safety and your peace of mind to do adequate research when purchasing your car seat! Newborn capsules are very adjustable and generally will accommodate a baby for up to a year. Getting familiar with how your car seat works before your baby arrives is a great idea to make things easier for you when your new family member arrives. The instruction manuals with car seats now are great and have really simple instructions regarding installation and proper use! Again this is a super important thing to have when your baby arrives. Ours is the maxi cosi carseat!

A pram!

  • A pram! A pram of your choosing is super important, especially once you’ve begun to recover from birth! When a baby won’t sleep or when you just need fresh air having the perfect pram, that you enjoy using and is easy to use is really vital to ensure it doesn’t discourage you from getting outside! Fresh air can totally change your mood and especially when you are in that fourth trimester, having a safe and perfect for your pram is so important!! I was lucky enough to be gifted my pram to use and it is actually everything I wanted! Our pram can be customed to allow us to put our baby capsule into it as well which makes life so easy! Making sure you find the best fit for you is what is most important. You will use it so much more if you love it! Being able to get some fresh air makes this an essential baby item.


  • Bassinet – Having a bassinet or even a pepi pod is yet another thing that when I ticked it off the list I felt a sigh of relief! Having somewhere safe for baby in those newborn days is super important, I believe some mums go straight to a cot but it is generally recommended that your baby sleeps in the same room as you for the first 6 months to decrease your chances of injury or worse to your baby. Bassinets or co-sleepers provide a safe environment for bubs to be close to you and can make life easier when they are cluster feeding in the early days. There are plenty of options to ensure the safety of your baby in the early days when their little heads are soft and they have no neck strength. It is super important to do your research and find something that works best for your little family. Our bassinet I was in as a baby and so was my dad!

White Noise Machine!

  • White noise machine- This has been a recommendation EVERYWHERE I have looked! I am someone who is in love with meditation when it comes to sleeping, so I was all for having a white noise machine and a couple of different family members swear by them! I am excited to see how well it works for her! I remember mum saying as baby’s we would always sleep when the vacuum was on! Rain noises… vacuum; same thing eh? Our yoga sleep white noise machine comes with multiple sound settings (25 levels) and 3 different white noise sounds! It is super lightweight and on a single charge can operate for 6+ hours! 110% an essential baby item to help you get some sleep to!

Essential baby item #5…Night Light

  • Night Light- I remember getting up with mum when she would feed my baby sisters in the middle of the night. Helping a baby’s natural day/night clock kick in involves keeping a routine where you don’t stimulate them at night and keeping lights dim and sounds quiet are so important for this. We have this gorgeous little battery powered unicorn light, we are intending to upgrade to another unicorn lamp but just not yet! As well as the little nightlight we have a red lamp that gives off a nice dull light! Having a light so you can feed but also keep baby wound down is super super important.


  • Thermometer- Definitely an essential baby item! For peace of mind especially for first time parents this is so key! Figuring out a flow with dressing your baby is something that definitely plays on my mind! The learning stage won’t be long but ensuring you can tell if your baby is unwell or if they’re totally overheating is super important to ensure peace of mind and safety for both you and the baby. So if you haven’t already got one of these in your medical kit they are super valuable and essential for like I said before peace of mind! Thermometers don’t cost to much which is great!


  • Swaddles- These are another essential to help baby feel safe and ensure they can’t scratch themselves in their sleep or hit themselves in the face! It helps with secure sleep and helps simulate their days in the womb to help them settle. The photo to the left is the exact swaddles we have currently, we also have some muslin wraps and some of the velcro swaddles with the two flaps out the side! Recent family with young bubs have had awesome luck with the swaddles to the left they are the ones generally like the Love To Dream swaddles! Swaddling helps babies to feel safe as it is similar to the warmth and security they feel within the womb! Helping sleep is something you always want to say yes to with a newborn!


  • Bouncer- Ok so from watching my cousins and niece the bouncer is amazing for those days when they’re awake for more than just their feed! Movement seems to be the absolutely best way to stop any fussing. Placing them in the bouncer and gently moving them occupies their attention for a time span and could even help with burping after a feed! It is great little place for bubs to be when its play time! I can’t wait to use ours. Our bouncer is just from our local ‘everything’ store! This is a great essential baby item!

Play Mat

  • Play mat- Play mats are so great for babies especially when they are still developing their eyesight having things to look at is great as well as fostering their independence whilst they lay their amusing themselves! Being able to have a safe place to pop baby down is s really important part of your day! The bright visuals that generally come with these mats help with those periods of time where they can’t see that clearly and it helps foster interest and curiosity in them.

Essential baby item #10… a mobile!

  • Mobile- I love mobiles, it is a totally personal choice but what is not to love about a twinkling lullaby and gorgeous little white sheep going round? It would put me to sleep! As a kid I loved these and found them totally soothing and I look forward to seeing if my daughter feels the same! Ya never know! Maybe she isn’t a sheep person.

Having a baby is a really exciting time! These 10 things that I can not wait to use for my daughter!! All the fun ‘baby accessories’ are getting closer to being used and I can’t wait!

One more things I totally recommend is getting some reusable nappies so that you can try them out! You never know if you will love them, if you haven’t already check out this post for everything you need to know about reusable nappies!

If you were writing 10 things you wanted for your first baby what would you add to your list? Feel free to follow me on my socials and let me know or join my email list and you can let me know through there!

What do you wish you had when you had your first baby or what are you going to get? Comment below! What was your essential baby item?

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