5 Of The Best Disposable Maternity Pads NZ

So what are the best maternity pads in NZ! While I have the best lineup for you today, with the pros and cons for each… That way you can find your best fit.

So today we are counting down 10 of the best maternity pads you can buy in NZ. I wished this guide was around when I had my first baby.

Believe me, I have tried every maternity pad around thanks to having sensitive skin! So today you are getting the ultimate guide to what is going to suit you.

Grab our ultimate nappy bag packing list…

What Makes A Good Maternity Pad

What makes a good maternity pad is different for everyone. What is suitable for one person could be totally wrong for the next.

The first thing you need to figure out is what you like in a pad? They have all of the options in the maternity line that you like in your everyday period pad.

Which Are The Best Maternity Pads To Buy

So before we get into the best maternity pads that you can buy in NZ! We should talk about which are the best maternity pads to buy?

The best maternity pads to buy are the ones that fit all your needs! Looking at what you like now on a pad will give you a good idea.

If you are a cup or tampon user (like I was), then buying a range of maternity pads that you think will be the best fit is a great idea.

Some things you may look for in a maternity pad:

  • Wings
  •  No wings
  •  Thicker Pad
  •  Thinner Pad
  •  Thermo Control
  •  Scented

Just to name a few! We will talk more about why these will or will not suit you.

Are Maternity Pads Different From Normal Pads

The short answer is, yes, they are different. But, there is no reason you can’t use normal period pads you just need to be aware they may need changed more frequently or just may not suit.

There is a chance that any pad may not suit your needs so it is about finding what works best for you and your body.

Which can be different every time you give birth too.

In the end, they both do the same job, but maternity pads are designed to handle your lochia well.

What Pads Do You Need After Birth

The answer to this question is simple! Pads that are going to be the most comfortable and convenient for you.

But there are a few things to know about lochia (the after-birth bleeding) that you need to know when picking out a pad for you.

Now after birth bleeding can be totally not glamourous, trust me we all feel that. But a good maternity pad can make or break your situation when it comes to aftercare.

Postpartum bleeding differs from a normal period because;

  • It can be a lot heavier
  •  May be thicker and clottier
  •  The bleeding straight after can seem very scary so check with your healthcare professionals if you are worried

Can I Use Period Pads As Maternity Pads

Of course, you can! If you find an everyday period pad that works well for you as a maternity pad, you can definitely use it.

All you need to keep in mind is that you may need to change more often or upgrade to a bigger pad if you are leaking at all.

You will figure out the placement of your pad as you get used to how your body bleeds.

The Best Pads…

Time to get into the best pads for you after the birth of your new family member. Each pad has pros and cons so by the end o this guide you will know which pad is going to suit you best!

Sometimes it is a good idea to grab a couple of different types to make sure if for some reason you didn’t like one you can switch to another.

To make it easy on our budget I grabbed a pack from each supermarket shop leading up to giving birth.

Pad #1

Stayfree Maternity Pads

the best maternity pads nz

These pads cover all the bases when it comes to a perfect maternity pad, this is definitely one to

These are number one on our list for so many reasons, these have been voted favourites on other websites too and we are here to tell you why!


  • Thermo control! These pads are amazing for anyone with sensitive skin. I personally struggled to find pads that didn’t make me itchy and sore after giving birth. I wish I had these! I recently used them and couldn’t believe how fantastic they are!
  •  Thick and cushiony, if you like to feel the support from your pad this one has you covered without being too obvious.
  •  Absorbent! This pad has awesome absorbency and wicks moisture away from you quickly making for a super comfortable experience.
  •  Good middle-range price! The $6 average price means that they are easy to get your hands on and fit into your budget.
  •  The pads are long to help stop any leakage when your flow is most unpredictable like after birth.
  •  Stayfree’s maternity pads are wingless but if you prefer wings other options in the Stayfree range could suit you.


  • They are thicker pads so wearing certain clothing may show your pad, if you are worried about it get a friend to check if wear loose clothing!

Pad #2

Libra Maternity Pads are another great option! They are a fantastic all-round maternity pad and are well-loved by plenty of people.


  • The list of odd spots might just make you smile! I loved them postpartum and it was nice to take a wee breath and read them occasionally!
  •  Really cushiony supportive feeling pad.
  •  Great coverage from front to back, helping to avoid leaks.
  •  They have wings that can help your pad feel more secure if that is what you like.
  •  They have fantastic super absorbency meaning you won’t have to change your pad all the time and wick moisture away from you.
  •  Again they are mid-range price-wise and are sitting at around the $6 price mark on average.


  • No thermo control which can be tough on sensitive skin.
  •  There isn’t an option without wings if you prefer wingless pads.

Pad #3

U by Kotex pads are another really good pad option. They are absorbent have nice colored packaging and are a great pad to get the job done.


  • Nice colored packaging who doesn’t want a nice colored pad when you’re dealing with postpartum bleeding lol.
  •  These pads are super absorbent and have channels embossed in them to help the pad not scrunch up.
  •  They are in a good price range still but just slightly higher, could be $1-$2 more.
  •  These pads are thin but still super absorbent.
  •  These pads have no wings and have extra length to help protect you overnight.


  • I found these pads harsh on my sensitive skin but they are generally beautifully soft pads. Something they were made with just didn’t agree with my skin.
  •  I found these pads to not be super amazing for instant wicking.

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Pad #4

Tom Organic pads! These are beautiful pads, they have so many wonderful reviews on them if you do a simple Google search. Plus organic can be great for keeping you feeling tip-top down there.


  • Beautiful soft organic pads designed to be super absorbent and super soft.
  •  Organic means no chemicals which is gentler on your parts and especially postpartum.
  •  Hypoallergenic means they are soft on the skin.
  •  Wingless elastic technology makes them light and comfortable.


  • They are a bit pricier sitting at around $7.50+

Pad #5

Stay Free… yet again I want to recommend the stay-free line as it is just the BEST! This brand has saved my bits and can save yours too. These regular or super wingless pads are the comfiest coolest pads I have worn.

the best maternity pads nz


  • Thermo control makes you super cool and comfortable.
  •  Fantastic absorbency even with the regular line.
  •  Super soft comfortable pad.
  •  Stays in place and doesn’t scrunch up.


  • I haven’t got one for you?

Grab the pads you want over at Chemist Warehouse! They have fantastic pricing and we all need that in todays world.

The Best Maternity Pads In NZ

After extensive research and personal experience, I have come to the conclusion that these are the 5 best maternity pads in NZ. Choosing the right one for you is crucial during this time.

I hope you got some helpful information that might make handling your after-birth bleeding slightly easier!

The best thing to do is get a couple of options which means you will have a good idea of what you like best in no time.


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