35 Weeks Pregnant… Everything to know!

35 Weeks Pregnant… What is it really like?

Hey guys welcome to this new weekly series I will be completing for the rest of my pregnancy. (5 weeks to go!)

If you want to know the totally raw truth on how I feel, what symptoms are round, how big baby is and what prep for birth that has been done that week then you are in the right place!

Pregnancy is a journey and I am super keen to have a record of the last 6 weeks (if she stays in that long).

My hospital bag is well and truly ready now for when bubs decides its time to come. Having a list made it so much easier when I was packing!

Make sure you GRAB our nappy bag packing list so you are ready for any situation…

35 weeks pregnant… some days it feels like yesterday that I saw that ‘shadow’ appear on that test.

People always told me that the start of pregnancy goes fast and the end goes reallly slow…

That is totally not my experience. The start dragged on it was days and nights of vomiting and nausea. Now I feel ok and it is happening so fast! It is like hold on world let these 5 weeks feel like 5 weeks not 5 minutes…!

But anyway, I have my baby shower this weekend which I am looking forward to! I will pop a photo of the dress I have at the bottom of this post!

One thing I didn’t want was a dress that made me look like a sardine… lol.

35 Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate:

35 Week Bump Picture:

The bump this week feels huge! I am actually at the stage of feeling really uncomfortable! She is huge and when she is moving around in there holy moly! The old stretch marks have darkened to!

35 Weeks Pregnant – Symptoms:

I have to start with the calf cramps holy moly! They hurt, like I can’t even physically force my leg to move when they’re bad…

I still have stretchmarks only on my left hip. They are only darkening now which tells me she is continuing to grow so that is a blessing.

This week her movements are actually sore! I tried explaining it to my fiancé like having patches of skin squeezed in a vice its kinda a dull ache from the outside and in. I can no longer cope with things pressing against my belly either.

I’m struggling now to tell where she is, probably cause she moves so dam much! I can still tell her feet apart from everything else pretty easily. Just about time for her to get into position.

Braxton hicks are getting sort of crazy. I still don’t notice them unless I touch my belly with my hands and it is solid! Although sometimes I feel uncomfortable or sort of squished and usually that’s when I notice them.

Movement at night is definitely still keeping me awake! Now it is like a hamster in a hamster wheel, holy moly she is uncomfy. My finance was feeling her the other night and said something like “lol she feels like she’s ready to come out!”….

I was sitting there like “NO KIDDING.”

Nausea is better this week, although it has sort of swapped out with indigestion sometimes.

Hot flushes are not so extreme more I am just warm ALL. THE. TIME. Which would be fine… if we weren’t going into dam summer!

In the evenings my ankles and legs are a pretty swollen but as again to be expected, it is far worse if I haven’t rested enough during the day!

Less fussy towards food more demanding about what I want and when!

Oh and probably last but not least I STILL have to pee ALL. THE. TIME. Ain’t no advice for this one!

Sleeping is tricky some nights to but I am in love with my body pillow to help make sleeping easier! She really is rough now but taking the weight of being completely on my belly definitely helps.

Being able to lie almost on my tummy stops me rolling on to my back and supports and hip and back pain I am having.

I have a more detailed post on the body pillow so check it out if your struggling with back and hip pain!

35 Weeks Pregnant – Baby’s Size

This week (going off my glow nurture app) baby is growing quickly!

The app recons I have about 35 days of pregnancy to go… where has that time gone…

Baby is 47.4cm long! That is longer than last week… and don’t I know it.

She is weighing at around 2.6 kg or 5 pound 7oz!

Apparently she is currently the size of a… Honeydew Melon?

I have never heard of one of those either but here’s a supposed photo…

sliced green fruit on the table
Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com

This weeks prep:

I have started a new routine! I am aiming to do yoga 4x weekly from now on to help when it comes time for her arrival. UPDATE: So far I have been useless at this… but I am going to do some work on habits cause it will be really beneficial.

We are actually taking the Hatched antenatal classes which is an online class that allows you to move at your own pace!

We are still working through these bit by bit and really enjoying them.

I’ve also have been doing more research into the use of the Shakti mat as pain relief during labour! I have been using this more regularly.

I am today going to put the linen into the bassinet and shift it to our room. I am also going to pop tinfoil and balloons in it to help our cat understand it is a NO NO place early on.

35 Weeks Pregnant Emotions:

Emotions wise I am definitely noticing I am more teary than usual still. It is just when I am overwhelmed I am quicker to revert to tears and find it hard to vocalise how I am feeling.

This makes things a little tough on my fiancé but he is handling it really well even when I frustrate myself.

Overall I am super excited and feeling positive about what is to come. But there is always that daunting feeling some days about how its gonna be just me and my daughter all the time soon.

On days like today that is really exciting. On other days that can feel really overwhelming. Lucky for good support people!

My Baby Shower Dress:

As my baby shower gets closer I am actually pretty excited! Lucky enough to have been loaned the perfect dress from my aunty.

Although not gonna lie my chest hardly fits in it! But it is great because if I want people to see the bump I can hold it in. But I also don’t look or feel constantly squashed.

At 35 weeks pregnant you always feel squashed…

My little helper obviously needed her photo taken too how could I resist?

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