What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag! A Universal Birth Bag…

Packing my hospital bag was something I wanted to do super early on… but then I procrastinated it as the reality of having a baby set in!

I had a lot of feelings about packing my hospital bag that felt really daunting I am not gonna lie! I wanted to pack it so long ago as I was starting to get impatient to meet our girl! 9-10 months is a long time to be pregnant…

But even though I wanted to when I got to 27-28 weeks and was like maybe I should pack it now… I was like I am going to make dinner first… or plan my evening first… or watch tv first!

It was like I wanted it but doing it was going to make the addition of our new family member so much more real… so if your feeling like I did then know it is normal mumma! Anything you feel is normal.

So birth is a really beautiful process but can also be a different, challenging and uncomfortable time! Being clear about what you want for your personal birth is really important.

This means you can be informed and empowered to have the sort of birth that you want and that you need! But I think it is important to always remember the goal is your baby gets here healthy! <3

Packing too much… this would be me! I am an over packer I have always made sure I am prepared for a snowstorm… I am yet to get stuck in a snowstorm! But hey it could happen. I am probably more of an anxious person or control freak so that is why I like to be super prepared!

The good thing is that really unless you try to pack your whole house you probably can’t overpack that badly! It is normal to feel like you want to prepare for your new addition to the family! You should enjoy packing your hospital bag remember that!

Half the reason I wanted to pack so much was a fear of not having enough stuff to care for bubs! Remember when your birthing in a hospital… they do this every day and know exactly what you need. They will have a range of supplies so don’t panic.

Talk to your midwife if you are super unsure what you may need or what may be supplied! This can put your mind at ease!

Baby’s bag: This was my fave part! Your new baby won’t need too much stuff!

  • Going Home Outfit- This is what you will wear to take baby home! Sometimes this outfit may be passed down in families!
  • Bodysuits/PJ’s- A few pieces of clothing are great to take with you! Just 1-3 pieces of most things will do!
  • Nappies- You will most likely have them supplied but it is good to have them!
  • Baby wipes- Again they will have them supplied but it is nice to have them with you!
  • Any fun outfits or name cards- I have a little outfit I bought for my girl I would love to get photos of her in so that is in our bag! We might get the chance we may not!
  • Baby blanket- a blanket for bubs is a great idea!
  • Car seat- Make sure your capsule is all ready and the base is installed in the car.
  • Swaddles or wraps- These will have plenty of uses and are good for keeping bubs warm and easy for medical professionals to take off to check bubs!

Labour bag: This bag will have all your essentials for labour!

  • Comfy clothes to labour in- comfy clothes are essential as you don’t want to be worrying about unnecessary things when your in your ‘zone’.
  • Bikini for water birth- If your gonna be in the birthing pool it may make you more comfortable during birth!
  • Underwear- Comfy underwear and a few changes of it will be super helpful.
  • Socks- Warm socks or comfy socks will be a nice comfort against the hospital floor! Ones with grip spots on them would be perfect.
  • Wheat pack- Easy to warm in a microwave.
  • Any medications you need- Anything you may or may not need is important to have with you.
  • Birth plan- It is great to have a hard copy of your birth plan so your needs are met and understood it also backs up your birth partner is they have to make your wants clear!
  • Something of your own- A pillow case, or blanket or anything you find comforting!
  • Speaker- Can be great to use for music or meditations…
  • Camera- make sure it is ready to use, it can capture such special memories.
  • Charger cord- a super long one is what I have been told is a great, as you can charge and use from anywhere!
  • Easy shoes to slide on- good for in the shower and avoids unnecessary bending.
  • Lip balms, moisturizer, massage oils- all just comfort things to keep you feeling as comfy and fresh as possible.

Postnatal bag:

  • Nursing clothing- comfy clothes that are easy to nurse out of!
  • Nursing bras- these are great for making your life easier when your learning to breastfeed as well as limiting your need to get dressed and undressed.
  • Comfy clothes- Comfy clothes full stop are a must! You don’t want to be worrying about being uncomfortable while focusing on your new bub.
  • Maternity pads- Having some on hand will be helpful incase you need to change at any point.
  • Toiletries + hairbrush and hair ties- All essentials to keep you comfy.
  • Bag for laundry- Can just help having to sort clothes when you get home from the hospital.
  • Book/Ipad/Headphones- For if you get the chance whilst your in those first few days!
  • Snacks- Always essential pack some of your fave drinks or treats!

C-section bag- Some different things to ensure you consider the incision!

  • Robe- Super great so it doesn’t touch your incision…
  • Belly band- If you have been given one by your physio or got one then it can be great!
  • Nursing gowns- Super great to avoid your incision and make feeding times easier.
  • Slides- Great for the shower and means you can put your own shoes on!
  • Extra pillow- This can be to prop you up or to hold against your incision in case of a need too cough!
  • Nursing pillow- Super helpful for feeding to keep bubs off your incision.

Birth Partners Bag- Whoever comes with you make sure they are prepared!

  • Change of clothes- they may need a couple depending on how many nights your in hospital!
  • Togs for water birth- If they want to hop in great to have clothes or togs that can get wet.
  • Snacks- Sometimes the hospital won’t feed partners, but also having favorite snacks is good for keeping moral up.
  • Entertainment-they may get some time to watch a show or do a crossword they may not!
  • PJ’s and a blanket- Definitely comfort stuff having your own gear is so nice!

Packing your bag is an equally exciting and daunting time! It is important to remember to go easy on yourself and if you ever have ANY questions talk to your midwife or health professional!

What was the essential in your hospital bag?

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    Sounds like you’re super organised and you have offered some sound advice to parents to be.

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