10 Pregnancy Announcements For Family, Your Husband, Parents or Grandparents. (Plus when you should tell friends and family)

The best pregnancy announcements for family is included in this post! Congratulations…

I am so excited for this post! At 29 weeks now I remember when baby girl was a secret. Telling my fiancé we were having a baby was the best part of finding out that we were having a baby.

I remember his face like it was yesterday. My announcement for him was a total fail, my nerves kicked in and it turned out great but getting to it was an oopsie!

Pregnancy announcement for family #1… A surprise box…

  • A surprise box! This is such a large option for surprising anyone with your baby news! There is so many different ways you can do this to suit so many people within your life. For my fiancé I literally ran to the store because there was no way I could keep it a secret… I bough a container, a blanket and a baby onesie and cuddly toy, then I put it and my positive tests inside (and another test for us to do together). I covered it with the blanket and drove home shaking! Boxes are a wonderful idea that you can custom to anyone and have anything within! One box I wish I had done was a tin full of ‘My Name Is… Grandpa” “My Name Is… Nana” so your parents can go through and pick out the perfect name! Some ideas of what to include in the surprise box:
    • Your positive pregnancy test!
    • A baby onseie
    • A baby toy
    • A bib
    • A nappy
    • Hats or booties
    • An ultrasound image
    • A mug with – Aunty (name here)
    • A framed photo of a pregnancy test with outfit or toy

When should you tell family and friends?

When will you tell everyone? This is a really important question and totally personal and up to you! People who have had miscarriages or maybe have a higher chance of it tend to keep things quiet until later in the pregnancy when it is classed as “safer”.

It is super important you tell people when you are comfortable and when you feel the time is right for you! For us we told our parents very early on, this was because of how unwell I was and we made the choice to include them even if we lost our baby. We then didn’t keep it a secret but didn’t tell everyone either!

Our big announcement was around week 21-22! That was what worked for us. Always remember it is your choice! Pregnancy announcements for family should always be on your terms!


  • Grandmas and Grandpas house sign! This is a really cute idea, you could also use this for great grandparents or parents or even your man or partner! Gifting a sign with “Dads garden”, “Grandmas house” “Great Grandparents house (cause grandparent wasn’t cutting it anymore)”! Below are some super cute signs that you can use to surprise your family with your baby news!

Who wouldn’t love to get this as a gift? It would be fantastic to as they will be so unsuspecting… as long as you don’t wrap it with baby wrapping paper!

Make sure to grab your daily planner below! (so good to feel organised)

Grandparent application

  • Grandparent application! This pregnancy announcement for family is fab! This is such a sweet idea and I think If I could tell my parents again this would be how I would do it! You could do this one of two ways. You can either just slap an envelope down in front of them and watch them open it OR you could tell them you have a very serious business proposal! Which ever way you think will create more excitement for your family! You are able to purchase these on etsy or you can make your own, I have linked the one I like the most to this post!
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Telling your parents or family can be a nerve-racking time and it is totally normal to feel a range of emotions during this time. On top of your already growing hormones and exhaustion you may be feeling sick to!

Make sure you are taking care of yourself and that you only tell people when you and/or your partner is ready. On top of this be prepared that once people know everybody has some unhelpful advice!

It takes time but you will start to figure out who the best people are to go to for baby and pregnancy advice.


  • Letterboards, letterboards are super common for pregnancy announcements but also super cute and that is probably why they are still so popular! They are fantastic and clear for anyone to see! Pairing a letterboard with some cute items is the perfect opportunity to snap a gorgeous photo you could frame for friends and family or post on your socials! Below are some ideas to add to a letterboard for a flat display. A letter bord is so great for adding a completely custom message to your announcement! Another wonderful thing! Letterboards aren’t pricey and can be used for so many things!
    • Pregnancy test
    • Onsie
    • Ultra sound images
    • Some clothing
    • A baby toy
    • A bib
    • A baby bottle
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Pregnancy announcement for family #5 Use the pet!

  • Involve the pet! This is yet another idea I LOVE so much! With the new addition to your family, your dog or cat totally needs there sibling status upgraded and it will make for super fun photos! You can get so many too it doesn’t take much looking to see their is a heap of range with bandanas and even shirts! You could also pair up the letterboard with your pup or even find them a book “How To Be A Brother.” There is so many options for utilizing your pets in telling your family about your news! Pregnancy announcements for family wouldn’t be complete without the pet!
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DILF Merch…

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  • DILF Merch, I don’t know about you but my fiancé would have loved if I bought him a DILF shirt! There are great other options to for shirts that are going to tell your other half your pregnant! It can be a nice idea for a gift that will last! When he is wearing it in years to come it’ll be cool to think back when that baby is 5,8 or 10! Giving gifts that last is a great idea and it will be super special watching him work it out! Or whoever you chose to show like this.

Selfie with the test

  • Selfie with your positive test! This is another great way to do an online announcement, there are some gorgeous photos on Pinterest and Instagram of people making all sorts of faces in selfies with their positive pregnancy test! If you aren’t into the idea of letterboards or posed photos then a super fun photo of you and your OH holding up that big fat positive can be so fun! When deciding what pregnancy announcements for family you are going to use should always be fun!

When you are feeling unwell in the first trimester this can be the hardest time of your whole pregnancy! If you chose to keep it quiet until you are at some of the typical “safe” zones, it can be so so hard to manage!

Depending on the severity of your sickness and fatigue you may need to tell your boss a lot earlier than you planned.

If your fatigue is going to make you so tired your at risk of an accident or if you are so unwell that you might just throw up on your desk, it might be a good idea to chat to someone in your work place sooner rather than later so that you can make a plan!

Surprise announcement

  • Take a photo say “… IS PREGNANT” One thing that is on my pregnancy announcement ‘bucket list’, is getting a group photo with my friends and getting cade to take it and instead of “SAY CHEESE”- ” SAY JORG IS PREGNANT”! The photos you get you will treasure forever without a doubt, I have seen this done and totally loved it every time! Being able to capture there faces is really special as well as it being totally unexpected! You could do this with a few different people in your life, your parents, your grandparents, your husband or partner. It will work perfect for all of them!

REMEMBER: It is your pregnancy! You and your partner that is it. You guys call the shots, be careful what advice you listen to and never take family advice over medical advice, this is super important to ensure the health of your baby, your mental state and your relationship! Work together and do your research x

Flat lays

  • Flat lays are another classic pregnancy announcement option. A beautiful photo of your pregnancy test with a cute little dress or with a colored hat or maybe even with a letter board too! This one is another great one you can do and it can be really fun to make and photograph and even more fun to share! The biggest thing with flat lays are they are super fun for you to set up and make for a lovely picture you can cherish forever! Pregnancy announcements for family can be so exciting…

Pregnancy announcement for family #10… Ultrasound photo

  • Ultrasound photo- It is as simple as sharing your ultrasound photo. It could be the photo in a photo of just post your baby’s picture to your socials with no caption and see what happen! REMEMBER your announcement can be as simple or as complex as you want you can even do no announcement at all. It is totally personal and you should love it!

So that concluded 10 super cute but also classic ideas on ways to tell the people around you that your having a baby! If you have just found out your pregnant then congratulations I wish you all the love and wellness during your pregnancy journey! Another post you may find helpful is our First Trimester post!

Thankyou so much for being here! Follow me on my socials and comment below… How did you tell your family and friends you were pregnant?

Pregnancy announcements for family is an exciting time!

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