Best Advice For Breastfeeding After A C-section…

You need these c-section breastfeeding tips. Having a baby is a really exciting time, but there is so much to learn and breastfeeding is not as natural as you may think it is! Feeling this way is totally normal and you are not alone.

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Remember no matter how your baby gets fed, in the end FED is best! We all have a different journey and process to go through when it comes to feeding our baby.

Breastfeeding can be a really hard journey and quite daunting. The moment you realize your baby will be relying on solely you for its nutrition and hydration for the first 6 months of their life is quite intimidating.

So without a doubt here are my tips for breastfeeding after a c-section from a brestfeeding mum!

1 – Nipple Shields…

Nipple shields are the best! Seriously, you can think of them as a stepping stone to naturally breast feeding.

I really battled with small nipples as funny as that sounds, nipple shields meant I was able to slowly change that and still feed my baby stress free!

Even if you feed with nipple shields for your entire breastfeeding journey that is ok! In the end fed is best.

So if you can only feed with them then just know that is totally fine mumma! (no matter what 1800s dragons give you their opinions….)

Nipple shields are great to get your baby latching and takes the initial stress out of latching your baby. This is a great, like great support in the early days of breast feeding.

Make sure you get the right size! Do some research on how to do this…

Using nipple shields is a great way to begin your breastfeeding journey if you are struggling a little bit. They simply mimic the nipple and make it easy for both you and your baby to learn to latch!

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2 – Lactation consultants/support

This is something to take total advantage of! Any support that you may have in your area you must take advantage of!

Breastfeeding can feel really lonely to begin with, especially if you are the only one doing it (which is usually the way).

In New Zealand Plunket are your go to for breastfeeding advice, you can ring their hotline 24/7 and lactation consultants…

Lactation consultants are trained individuals who have been on their own feeding journeys, hospitals will generally have lactation consultants available. You can always ask your midwife or medical support person what support is available to you.

This below link goes to health navigator which has a range of support options.

3- Practice

Breastfeeding takes practice! Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Mum has to learn and baby has to learn then it takes time to practice it.

One thing I thought was that breastfeeding was going to be was a very natural process. It actually isn’t, it takes a while to get the hang of and too establish.

If you are feeding with nipple shields, showering with baby and practicing feeding without the shield is a great way to establish your feeding.

It took me 6 weeks to establish my breastfeeding and it felt like a really frustrating process, just like anything it takes time to get the hang of it.

Feeding in the shower is warm helps you relax and means you can just focus on getting a good latch for a little while. Just make sure water isn’t running down into their mouths!

Breastfeeding without the shield at the start almost had me in tears, she was scream and I would stress, the biggest thing to remember.

Give yourself time and just let it come, if it does it does, if it doesn’t it doesn’t.

4- Mindset

Similar to my last point breastfeeding can be really tough when you struggle, remembering that you best milk production happens when you aren’t stressed is really important.

Not only will a cloudy head make it harder to feed but it will make you more miserable!

Focus on remembering as long as your baby is fed, no matter what way you do it, you are doing a great job.

Be easy on yourself. This is all new and hard enough without you beating yourself up… back yourself and know that it takes time and everyone’s journey is different.

Whatever happens in your breastfeeding journey, do it for yourself too.

5- Breastfeeding tea

This has been one of my favorite products throughout my breastfeeding journey so far!

I don’t have much to say! It tastes great, it helped my milk come in like crazy and has been a part of the reason I sustained my supply even through mastitis and thrush.

Almost 3 months on I still have multiple cups a week.

Artemis Breastfeeding Tea

6- Positions

You don’t always have to feed in the same positions! Below there is multiple positions to feed in!

7- Breastfeeding Spray

This was another breastfeeding supplement I loved in the early days as my milk came in!

This combined with my breastfeeding tea is why I believe I managed to maintain a really good supply when I had a nasty dose of mastitis.

One of the best c-section breastfeeding tips is to utilize anything you can to help bring in your milk supply.

8- Breathe through pain

As you get going with breastfeeding, I found at the beginning of a latch/breastfeeding session it was quite painful/intense.

The biggest advice I have is to breathe, holding your breath only makes it worse!

A cold glass of water is also a great way to distract your mind while you wait for it to become more comfortable.

Wiggling your toes also can distract your mind during those first moments of latching!

If you have persistent pain make sure to chat to your health care professionals.

9- Pillows to protect your incision

At the beginning pillows are a great way to make sure you are comfortable when your feeding!

Normal pillows work great!

Or you can get your hands on feeding pillows….


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10- Patience

The biggest thing you can do is be patient with yourself.

It is so important that you go easy on yourself, breastfeeding is a next level experience and journey all you can do is go easy on yourself, you got this.

Always feel like you can talk to people!

The best c-section breastfeeding tips revolve around being gentle on yourself.


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