5 Absolutely essential newborn items for the first month…

Essential newborn items!

Newborns come with a whole range of their own challenges, with those challenges there are items that can actually make life easier…

Adjusting takes time, figuring out your own routines… it all takes time!

The most important thing to remember at this time is to go easy on yourself.

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The early days with a newborn are full of sleepless nights, sleep filled days and figuring out how the heck you are going to manage this. It can be totally daunting sometimes but you know you have got this. As much as you have got this you also will find things that make life easier… enjoy these.

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Essential Newborn Item #1

Puppy Pads! But I didn’t give birth to a puppy?

Our first essential newborn item is puppy pads… these are amazing for everything. In the early days of a newborn you will be changing easily 10+ nappies a day.

Now picture this… the minute the cool air hits your wee bubs bits….. WEE EVERYWHERE!

Honestly the early days I look back on, I am laughing at myself right now. There was wee everywhere and she went through like 10 pairs of clothes a day, hey I got the job done…

But now I run a tight ship! The minute she wees between nappies that pad soaks it up and baby doesn’t end up totally soaked needing a bath, new clothes, AND a new nappy.

It makes life so much easier to manage, we have a stock of them in our bath room too so that we can change her their before her bath.

Puppy pads are a must have to put on your mobile changing pad too! As well as perfect for nappy free time…

No mess, is definitely best!


Front Pack…

Okay so I love my front pack…

Being able to put her in it when going shopping or walking along the side of the lake has been a god send.

Sometimes it is just nice to be hands free….

There is days when babies do not want to be put down, usually when they are having a growth spurt or not feeling well. Sometimes that is all they want in the early days!

Being hands free means you can still just do ‘normal’ people things for even a wee chunk of your day…

I have been able to cook dinners and do some washing even go to the bathroom with the front pack on! It is amazing.

Essential Newborn Item #3

Swaddle Pouch!

When I saw the swaddle pouches I was like no way that’s so strange… Now I wouldn’t live without them and oh my gosh they are fabulous!

When babies startle they flap there arms like a little bird… and more often than not they will wake themselves up.

By having their arms up and secure you ensure good sleep and longer sleep. You couldn’t ask for more in the early days hey!

Plus swaddle pouches are a great alternative to a blanket for safe sleeping which is so important to decrease the risk of SIDS in the early days of your babies life.

Swaddles work absolutely great for some babies and are a wonderful comfort and warmth, another key factor is helping them feel snug just like they were in mum!

They also make a great bee line into sleep sacks as baby gets older. Arms up swaddles are great as if baby rolls over they are able to make themselves a little breathing pocket using their arms, great for peace of mind.


White noise machine!

Now this is something that before I had a baby I didn’t think I would use at all… now it is ME who can’t live without it.

Especially in the really early days of having our new baby, it felt like I had endless things to worry about, so having the white noise meant I actually got some sleep to.

Sometimes just a constant noise can be really helpful… it is almost a security or calming!

We have the yogasleep hushh portable white noise machine and I couldn’t speak more highly of it!

Babies in the early days can sleep through a lot but sudden noises can cause the startle reflex and affect quality sleep.

With having white noise going it reduces your risk of startling with sudden noises… it created a blanket of sound to help with that good sleep which is so important!

Essential Newborn Item #5


Newborns, the first one especially are a whole new ‘kettle of fish’.

I have been so spoilt to have both a swing and bouncer and from about week 5-6 onwards they have been a god send.

Newborn babies love to be held and cuddled which totally changes your perspective on how much you can get done in a day…

As they get older you will start wanting to get a little more done, maybe cook dinner, do some washing or maybe not.

If you do though a bouncer or a swing is a great way to keep baby settled whilst you get some stuff done!

Even if it is just soi you can have 10 minutes to sit and do nothing they are a great reprieve.

Personally I love the Fisher Price swings they are great and have been around for years!


The early days with a newborn can be beyond daunting sometimes!

There is lots of changes and a little human who constantly wants to be your best buddy…

Feeling overwhelmed is normal, make sure you keep talking to your support people and really take the time to have naps, eat and drink well and take care of you too!

Your baby needs their mum, you matter to! <3

All of the items mentioned in this post are simply things that can make life just that bit easier!

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