Getting Newborn To Sleep In Bassinet. Is it hard? Read this…

Getting your newborn to sleep in their bassinet can be no easy feat… Luckily A Real Mum NZ is here to help you! After this post, you are going to be a baby sleeping pro!

Plus not feel so guilty about contact napping and the ways you choose to get your baby to sleep.

It can feel like there is endless advice surrounding babies and sleep, the most important is to follow safe sleep to keep your baby as safe as possible.

After that what you do should be what works for you! If that is contact napping, co-sleeping, or a feeding and sleep schedule! If those work, do that…

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Safe Sleep Must Know…

To start with I feel it is really important to run over some safe sleep guidelines and to always run anything by your health care providers or midwife.

Safe sleep is so important and we are armed with the knowledge now to keep our babies safe and that should always be our number one priority.

Baby Sleeps In Your Room For The First 6 Months

One of the safe sleep guidelines is to have your baby sleep in your room for the first six months of their life.

getting newborn to sleep in bassinet snoozy newborn

This is a really important point as being closer to your baby ensures you can keep them safe! Breastfeeding mums especially will notice how in tune they are with their baby, usually waking before the baby does.

Having your baby sleep in your room for the first 6 months is highly recommended by pediatricians. It reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by up to 50%.

Additionally, it makes it easier for parents to monitor their baby’s breathing and respond to their needs quickly. It also promotes bonding between the baby and the parents.

Overall, it is a safe and beneficial practice for both the baby and the parents.

Always Place Baby Flat On A Level Surface

This is a KEY point! A flat and level surface will keep your baby safe in so many ways!

Babies are born with no head and neck control, this can quickly turn bad if the baby rolls and ends up jammed in the wrong position.

Babies also have a very soft and flexible airway which can increase the chances that it can become blocked or obstructed.

Having your baby on a level and firm surface ensures that the chance of them rolling is hugely decreased which is so important.

Limiting their ability to roll or move around means they don’t roll onto their face, and can’t roll into the sides of where they sleep.

No Blankets Or Things That Could End Up On Baby’s Face

It is crucial to ensure that there are no items in a baby’s sleep space that could potentially obstruct their airways. This includes any loose bedding, stuffed animals, or other objects that could accidentally cover their face.

Keeping the sleep space clear of these items can greatly reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and ensure a safe sleeping environment for the baby.

Babies have limited if any ability to make controlled movements so ensuring they don’ accidentally pull it over their face is so important.

Getting Your Newborn To Sleep In Their Bassinet

Having a safe bassinet is another very important part of ensuring your baby is safe when they are asleep.

Bassinets are a safe, comfortable, and convenient sleeping space for your baby. Having this space for your baby ensures you decrease the chance of injury or serious harm.

As a parent, it is crucial to provide your baby with a safe and comfortable sleeping environment. A bassinet is an ideal option for newborns as it provides a cozy and secure space for them to rest.

Having their bassinet reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and allows for easier monitoring of their breathing and movements.

Additionally, a bassinet can be easily moved from room to room, making it convenient for parents to keep a close eye on their little one. I drag my daughter around everywhere. (shes on wheels)

It means I can get stuff done and she is near me and happy to sleep as she feels safe! It has worked wonders for me to still get some chores done.

Overall, investing in a bassinet is a wise choice for the safety and well-being of your baby.

Co-Sleeping Is Safe When Done Properly

For correct information on co-sleeping and how to do it safely follow this link or click the button below!

The safe sleep seven is so important when it comes to bed-sharing or co-sleeping with your baby, make sure you do your research.

Knowledge is power…

Read Save Sleep Seven NOW

I wanted to make sure I chatted about how bed sharing with your baby can be safer than falling asleep on them when attempting to feed and put them back to sleep throughout the night.

It is so important we continue to educate and raise awareness as this was something that saved my relationship with my baby and my partner.

Good sleep is so important, especially when dealing with such a little fragile life. Keep your mind open as you never know what just might work for your family.

Create A Routine

Routines are vastly underrated… We as adults have them all the time. They offer security and help us to feel relaxed or awake depending on the time of day.

Choosing to create a routine for your baby is in my opinion one of the best things you can do for bedtime. Getting a newborn to sleep in their bassinet is easy when they feel relaxed and look forward to it.

A warm bath with some lavender bath wash can be a great way to help relax your baby. In the very early days, we used to give our baby a wee massage with some Weleda baby oil too.

Every night before bed that is how we got her to bed and even now after a bath she is super snoozy and content.

Bath Time

The importance of a bath as I said above is huge. Baths ensure your baby’s delicate skin is taken care of. Not only that but it also offers a time for your baby to relax.

There are plenty of amazing bath products you can use to promote sleepiness that is also suitable for a baby’s sensitive skin.

We are currently using this one and loving it…

Best baby bath soap to help getting newborn to sleep in bassinet

Choosing the right bath products can be a process but it is so important to find a good night one. Being comfortable and relaxed 100% contributes to a good night’s sleep.


Swaddling is a personal choice but we wouldn’t be without the love to dream of swaddle pouches! Even with my baby now in a hip harness, we are using their hip-healthy swaddles.

Getting your baby to sleep in their bassinet is about making them feel safe and swaddles help this.

Swaddling keeps your baby snug and the love to dream one helps to minimize the baby’s startle reflex by having their hands in their natural sleep position above their heads and ensuring they can’t move too far.

This helps keep the baby asleep and settled for longer. The snug fit is familiar to being back inside mum helping baby feel secure.

The love to dream swaddles are my absolute favorite due to their quality and they have a two-way zip feature that makes nappy changing a breeze!

And don’t forget they have hip dysplasia swaddles to make sure your little hippie baby is taken care of too.

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Time Wise

Sticking to certain times in your routine with your baby can have numerous benefits.

Firstly, it can help establish a sense of predictability and stability for your baby, which can lead to improved sleep patterns and overall mood.

Additionally, having a consistent routine can make it easier for you to plan your day and ensure that you are meeting your baby’s needs promptly.

Having a routine and times where things are consistent can help your baby sleep better. It offers security and this is a really important part of your baby’s life at this stage.

Feeding To Sleep

There is nothing wrong with feeding your baby to sleep. It is really important to know that if you are managing fine with handling that as a part of your routine each night.

Know that feeding your baby to sleep is a very normal natural process and with time they will outgrow it. Whatever helps your baby sleep well is what matters.

Feeding babies to sleep has numerous benefits. It helps babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

It also provides comfort and security to the baby, helping them feel safe and loved. Additionally, breastfeeding while lying down can also help mothers get more restful sleep

Top Tips

Here are some top tips to try!

A Heat Pack

If your baby wakes when you put them down into their own sleeping space. Placing a warm heat pack down first can mimic your warmth and help them stay asleep.

Warmth for babies is really important. Babies like warmth because they are born with an underdeveloped thermoregulatory system, which means they are unable to regulate their body temperature.

This is why they rely on external sources of warmth, such as their mother’s body heat, to maintain a stable temperature. Warmth can provide a sense of comfort and security for babies, as it mimics the feeling of being in the womb.

Hold Your Hand On Them

Holding your hand or arm on your baby for a while after putting them down allows them to feel safe and settle into a really deep sleep.

This is so important to ensure your baby is the happiest possible, overtired babies are miserable and can make everyone around them miserable too!

Sleep With Their Bed Sheet For A Few Nights

Sometimes even before your baby is born popping their bed sheets or blanket even swaddling, under your pillow or in your bed for a few nights will leave your smell on them.

Your smell is really important to your baby, especially in the early days when their vision is limited and they don’t understand what they are hearing.

Pram Or Car Ride For Naps

Never feel bad if your baby only likes to sleep when they are in the pram or car!

Environmental noise plus the motion of both of these can be very soothing and enjoyable for babies! Especially babies who may battle sore tummies.

Another great couple of ideas to try are bouncers and swings!

They both have soothing motion and can be beneficial for some hands-free time when you need it most.

newborn sleeping in bouncer

Co-Sleeping And Contact Napping

As I said above check out this link or click the button below for the correct information!

Getting your newborn to sleep in their bassinet can sometimes be helped by some cosleeping.

Helping your baby to feel safe by themselves starts with you making them feel safe.

Safe Sleep Seven

The Common Misconception

Getting your newborn to sleep in their bassinet can be greatly helped by co-sleeping for a short period. So often I read mums on Facebook beating themselves up because they co-sleep and “oh everyone keeps telling me they will want to sleep with me forever so I know I shouldn’t be doing it.”

That simply isn’t true! Your kid will grow out of plenty of things just as they will with co-sleeping and contact napping.

Co-sleeping fosters feeling safe and allows kids to feel safe whilst they are figuring out how to self-soothe.

Safe sleep seven

  • Non Smoker
  •  Sober from any alcohol or drugs
  •  A breastfeeding mum whose baby is:
  •  Healthy and full term
  •  On their back
  •  Lightly dressed
  •  + you are both on a safe surface

Making your bed a safe place

Your bed needs no or limited pillows as these pose a smothering risk.

You need a light blanket.

Your bed should be firm and not roll in.

If you have a partner having your baby on the opposite side is a good idea.

You want nothing your baby can get caught in.

Co-sleeping has been shown to have several positive effects on both parents and children. For parents, it can promote bonding with their child and make nighttime feedings and comforting easier.

For children, it can lead to better sleep patterns and a reduced risk of SIDS.

Being Aware Of Hazards

Getting your newborn to sleep in their bassinet can be greatly helped by co-sleeping. Educating yourself is the most important thing when co-sleeping. Learn about the hazards.

Co-sleeping can be a wonderful bonding experience for parents and their babies. However, it is important to be aware of the potential hazards that come with it.

These hazards include the risk of suffocation, accidental smothering, and the possibility of the baby falling off the bed.

To minimize these risks, parents should ensure that the baby is placed on their back on a firm, flat surface free of any soft bedding, pillows, or toys.

Contact Napping

Contact napping with a baby refers to the practice of napping with a baby in close physical contact, such as holding the baby or having them sleep on your chest.

This practice is often recommended for newborns and infants, as it can promote bonding, regulate the baby’s breathing and temperature, and provide a sense of security for the baby.

However, it is important to ensure that the sleeping environment is safe and that the parent or caregiver is alert and able to respond to the baby’s needs. This ensures the baby’s safety!

The Benefits

As said above there are so many benefits to contact napping!

  • Helps baby’s natural body rhythms
  •  It decreases stress hormones in both baby and the parents
  •  Will help your baby be more alert when they wake
  •  Helps encourage good feeding
  •  Helps the mental health of bub and mum leading to lesser chances of PND
  •  Improves sleep quality and helps your baby sleep longer

The Reality

Contact napping can help encourage getting your baby to sleep in their bassinet. By helping them feel secure and allowing them to get the quality sleep you may find your baby easier to put down later.

Contact napping with a baby has numerous benefits. It helps in regulating the baby’s breathing and heart rate, which in turn reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

It also promotes bonding between the parent and the baby, leading to a stronger emotional connection. This can help mental health wise to ensure your baby is thriving and so are you.

Contact napping can also help in regulating the baby’s temperature and reduce stress levels.

Additionally, as we discussed it can help in establishing a consistent sleep routine for the baby, leading to better sleep patterns.

This leads to more sleep for you and better sleep means better routines that help in getting your baby to sleep in their bassinet.

Encourages Skin To Skin Contact

Understanding Cognitive Development is important.

Contact napping has been shown to have a positive impact on a baby’s cognitive development.

This is because physical contact with a caregiver during nap time can help regulate the baby’s stress levels, leading to better sleep quality and improved brain development.

Additionally, the proximity to the caregiver can provide a sense of security and comfort, which can also contribute to overall cognitive development.

Your baby’s cognitive development comes back to you!

Getting your baby to sleep in their bassinet is all easier when you don’t fight them.

Sleep Training A Newborn Is A Fad..?

The biggest thing you can do when it comes to sleeping with your newborn is to practice good routines, and safe routines, and take away the pressure.

Self-soothing will come with time, crying it out is not an effective way to foster self-soothing and you should never feel like you HAVE to force your baby to figure it out themselves.

We are made to nurture and help our babies sleep and that is so important to remember.

Especially in a culture we have nowhere, we feel it necessary to have our babies away from us and independent before they even know they are a human or separate entity.

Go with your gut <3.

Getting Your Newborn To Sleep In Their Bassinet Can Be Easy…

So now you have some of the best tools around to help develop really good sleep habits from the start. Sleeping can be tricky and you should always do what is safe and works for your baby.

Remember to do what feels right in your gut not just what everyone tells you to do. Pick and choose the pieces of information that are going to work for you.

You are now armed with the tools you will need to find the best sleep you can and to help your newborn feel safe to sleep in their bassinet.

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