Third Trimester Pregnancy Daily Routine Advice…

Third trimester pregnancy… finally, got to the last part of your pregnancy? Hit that third trimester and wondering what you can do to make yourself feel more comfortable.

Countdown to the baby is on so what should you be doing to get ready? I’m glad you here we are going to answer all those questions today! Don’t forget to grab your free first trimester checklist at the end of this post!

Our girl at 12 weeks… so long ago

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Pregnancy is a really long but really short journey.

How could that be? It is long because waiting so patiently for your new little family member can feel like it is taking forever, but in the grand scheme of your life pregnancy flies by!

I can’t believe today marks the start of the third trimester for me… It felt like such a long time to actually get here, but now that I am here it really feels like it rushed by.

I think the slowest part was when I felt unwell but now I realize it went so dam fast. Even though at the time I was just getting through my pregnancy sick episode by sick episode…

Now that I am in the third trimester my discomfort is increasing as I start to feel like I have eaten to much ALL. THE. TIME.

Slouching on the couch is no longer an option unless I want my ribs to pop out! Oh and putting my shoes on or shaving my legs just isn’t going to happen no matter how hard I try.

There’s no squishing baby girl in anymore for my convenience. She is very much there and wants EVERYONE to know it… mildly rude but what can ya do?

My only shirt that doesn’t make me look super pregnant anymore…

So what are my must dos during the day looking like at the moment?

Before we get into it… Grab our nappy bag packing list! It will help you feel so much more organized as a new mum!

Self care! Something for you…

  • Coffee every morning… now for the start of my pregnancy I didn’t drink coffee it wasn’t really an option as I was so sick and so cautious of everything I ate… (I ruined bacon-butties for myself and wasn’t about to do that with coffee) Now coffee is ok in small doses, you certainly shouldn’t have five cups a day as this has been proven to encourage early labor. But one cup a day or under 200mg of caffeine a day is just fine for you and bubs! It is personal choice!

Third trimester pregnancy means you need a good chair!

  • A good chair… As you get further on (my bubs is almost 1kg size-wise now) you can have increased feelings of being full! Sort of like a stuffed turkey… I guess. Sitting in a thing that rolls you forwards can be so uncomfortable. So instead of suffering through the crampy tight overstuffed feeling, find a comfy chair or seat or find a way to adjust your couch (squash the pillow in the middle). I find it comfiest leaning back now so I sit my pelvis further forward and my shoulders back.

Stretch that amazing body out!

  • Sitting on the floor leaning back on the couch… This was another way I dealt with that overstuffed full feeling, especially after dinner! If you can get back up (probably don’t get down if you can’t!) then getting down and leaning back onto the couch can be really comfy to help open up your lungs and just make you a bit more comfy!

Third trimester pregnancy is definitely easier when you drink lots of water!

  • Lots and lots of water… Water is my go-to! Gas? Drink water. Feeling crampy? Drink water. Braxton Hicks/Practice Contractions? Drink water. When I am eating I always ensure I have water on hand in case of heartburn.. it happens! Plus even if I drank less water and was more uncomfortable, I would still have the same stupid amount of bathroom breaks needed!

Baby notebook!/Chores list

  • Baby notebook… Ok so this is totally essential for me! I have a ton of things I want to get done before she arrives. My baby brain is raging trust me so the only way for me to sleep it at night is knowing I have my baby notebook. I also have been putting post it notes, with written notes on piles in the baby room depending on what I left have to do in there! It stops me from waking at 2am wanting to write things down so I don’t forget! It has most of my house organization stuff in it as well as we have only been in our home for a month! Writing things down helps calm my pregnant brain down! Especially during third trimester pregnancy this will help you out mentally.
Baby Book

Fill your nesting urges…

  • Nursery organization/nesting stuff: Similar to the above point nesting can kick in! I was lucky as we shifted when I was about 22 weeks pregnant so it mean as we shifted house I was able to get rid of so much stuff which has meant I haven’t had to go through all the rooms and cupboards which I know plenty of pregnant women do! Buuut… my nesting has involved the baby room, wanting to get it done and be ready is constantly at the forefront of my mind. Putting aside a little time everyday to hang and organize baby clothes, to work on our hospital bag and figure out if there is anything we might need!

Good, safe food for pregnancy!

  • Good food… I don’t know about you, but for me, my need to eat is getting larger and more intense with every growing day. Your baby can go from around 2 pounds to 7,8 pounds through this three month period! That is some insane growth if you consider how much growing they’ve done so far! This is the time where you start to feel those really definitive kicks and I even feel her fists running down me! It is crazy!

Walks and yoga! Gentle exercise if you will

  • Quiet walks or yoga… As your baby starts to shift around a lot which you may notice they sometimes start to sit a bit lower, exercise can be so hard when they sit down low! Gentle walks can make you feel good and be a nice opportunity to get some fresh air and vitamin D which is so important during pregnancy! Yoga can be really good too to make your body feel good but remember everything needs to be gentle! You can YouTube yoga or even get a book on it: Pregnancy Yoga Book This one is in my cart to purchase!

Panty liners!

  • Liners… trust me if you have a baby who kicks hard you will really need these! Sneeze- Pee. Laugh- Pee. Cough- Pee. It dam well happens far more than I would like to admit! Having a pack of liners on hand in your bag is a great idea. Another fantastic idea is investing in some reusable ones to use when you go out! Here are the disposables I have in my bag and some reusable ones I am getting ready to invest in… (baby stuff is expensive) Reuseable Panty LinersDisposables For Your Bag

Comfy clothing!

  • Baggy clothes and comfy PJs, I honestly can’t stress enough how you will just wanna be comfy! Big t-shirts, stretchy modal dresses, modal clothing full stop is so comfy! I have worn a lot of Intimo through out my pregnancy, I am super lucky my mum is a consultant. I get my maternity and comfort bras from them to! Couldn’t be more worth it they are all I have worn the whole way through!

Third trimester pregnancy calls for easy to put on shoes!

  • Slides- Birkenstocks… I wear Birkenstocks.. they are a little investment for sure! They are so worth it though they last and they have fantastic support and mold to your feet. They can be going out shoes, cruising round home shoes, my mum even has a set as farm shoes! At 26 weeks I am already doing acrobatics trying to get my dam shoes on, that’s on days they fit. Birkenstocks

Good maternity bra/wireless bra!

  • Good maternity bra- I am only gonna touch on this quickly, especially if your sore wearing a wireless bra overnight can be so helpful to help support your girls! You may see big changes in them but you may also only see small changes either way being properly supported is important! I have worn the Intimo (linked above) comfort bra, maternity bras and maternity cami-bra the whole way through my pregnancy.

Nursing pads…

  • Nursing pads, by about week 16 your colostrum comes in but leakage by this point is totally normal, I had ‘practice milk’ come in on one side at 6 weeks then the other side at 10 weeks and it hasn’t stopped since then! I didn’t even know about nursing pads till like a month ago but oh my gosh was I missing out! All those crusty bras I would have to wash after one day! Reusable and disposable breast pads are amazing! Reuseable Nursing PadsDisposable Nursing Pads

A planner or diary! More self care…

  • Planner or Diary- I swear by my Happy Planner to keep me focused on all the things I have to do! It also helps me focus on goals and stuff that needs done before bubs arrives! Being consistent in planning has been key for me so I don’t fixate on the baby’s coming in 97 days, the baby’s coming in 97 days… Although its starting to get hard to avoid thinking about!
Can you tell I can’t wait to meet my daughter?

Make sure you grab our free trimester list if you are early on in your pregnancy to ensure you have the most comfortable first trimester! (the hardest time) Third trimester pregnancy seems so far away at the start…

Welcoming a baby into the family is such an exciting time… but it is also full of prep and angst and sometimes a whole lot of puking!

The third trimester so far hasn’t been too tough, I am feeling better but my discomfort (that overstuffed feeling) is getting worse and my sleep is getting worse too!

The light sleeping in prep for crying baby is kicking in to! It is crazy to think 97 days awayish from meeting my daughter! All the birth prep plans are starting to take place and my little brain is like wow! Most of my quiet comfort in this crazy time is organizing outfits for my (hopefully) mini me!

I get so excited thinking about it, as a kid I loved my dolls and craved them wanting and needing me all the time! Third trimester pregnancy really ramps up the excitement!

I have no doubt it is going to be quite different to playing with my dolls but I can’t wait to bring my own little girl into this world and teach her of all the wonders as well as all the struggles!

The end of the second trimester/third trimester has been the time where I have started to love the magic of pregnancy. I certainly didn’t find any magic at the start!

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Thanks for reading! Make sure you make the most of all our resources available!! Grab your nesting list so you don’t forget a thing before baby arrives! Third trimester pregnancy is an exciting time…


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