How To Use A Menstrual Cup For NZ Mums – 5 Tips To Become A Pro

How to use a menstrual cup in NZ? It can feel super daunting, maybe you’re keen to try, or maybe you just want to know what a menstrual cup is.

So here is your ultimate guide written by a Kiwi mum for Kiwi mums. Plus my top 5 tips for becoming a menstrual cup pro…

What Is A Menstrual Cup

So really a menstrual cup is a total lifesaver… well at least it has been for me for the last 7 years! A menstrual cup is designed to make women’s lives easier and allow them more freedom during their period.

It is a small cup generally made from medical-grade silicone. These cups sit in the same place a tampon does and can collect up to three times more liquid than a tampon can!

Menstrual cups are essentially flexible cups designed to catch your menstrual fluid, which you can then get rid of before you wash the cup out to use it all again.

Why Are Menstrual Cups Awesome For Mums

So you’re a busy mum? What is in it for you…

Menstrual cups give you more freedom during that time of the month than you could even dream about.

Cups hold more fluid so need to be changed less, having to change less means more freedom for you and less having to get to the bathroom on time!

Once you have got the hang of the menstrual cup it is a total game changer.

How To Use Your Menstrual Cup As A Beginner

So how to use a menstrual cup in NZ as a beginner is easy? I think yes!

Using your menstrual cup as a beginner isn’t as daunting as it may first seem. With anything in life practice makes perfect and using a cup is a skill just like any other.

Putting a menstrual cup in is actually really easy and just takes a little bit of practice.

Before you start are you comfortable with your body, sometimes getting to know your body can be super helpful when using a cup. Start by just figuring out which bits are which.

  1. Relax, make sure your hands and cup are clean and ready to go.
  2.  Fold your cup, for more information on folds, look below.
  3.  Gently slide your cup into your vaginal canal as far as it will go.
  4.  Next, make sure your cup has popped out by gently twisting and tugging.
  5.  Get going! If you can feel your cup try re-inserting or adjusting.

How To Use Your Menstrual Cup When Out In Public

Using a menstrual cup in public is way easier than you would typically think! And guess what, no crinkling paper to open!

Some tips for using your menstrual cup in public.

  • If you can use a toilet with a sink inside that is the easiest way, just empty it into the toilet then clean and reinsert.
  •  Carry a water bottle in your handbag to clean your cup if there isn’t a toilet with a sink available.
  •  You can purchase a menstrual cup cleaner which is a great option too.

How To Use A Menstrual Cup With Pictures

This is the best image I like personally that shows just how easy it is to use your menstrual cup! In 6 steps you have something you can wear and not worry about for 12 hours straight.

How to use a menstrual cup in NZ is easier than you think.

5 Top Tips On How To Use A Menstrual Cup – Be A Pro In No Time

Now it is time for 5 top tips that you need to know when learning how to use a menstrual cup in NZ.

First here is an image of the different possible folds you can use. Try them out and find what works best for you.

My personal favorites are the punch down and the 7 fold! These go in the easiest I find.

How To Use A Menstrual Cup NZ Tip #1 – Practice Makes Perfect

It is so important to remember that practice makes perfect with anything in life. Not all of us have the magic touch… I certainly don’t.

It definitely took me a few weeks to get the hang of my cup but I was determined and that meant no matter how long it took to get it in, I kept trying.

It is so important to remember like with anything in life you aren’t going to be awesome straight away but in no time you will…

Tip #2 – Do Test Runs Where You Wear Liners

Liners can be a lifesaver! Whether you use reusable or disposable liners they are like your best friend in the early days of getting used to a new cup!

Using liners as a backup means while you are in your trial phase and learning to get the best from your cup. That you aren’t going to be at risk of leaking.

Another great option is to wear period undies! I have yet to try these but I am planning to grab a pair from Hello. ! If you want a pair or to try a cup you can use my code AREALMUMNZ10 to get 10% off!

Tip #3 – Try Different Cups

Another really important thing is to know that if you are familiar with clothes shopping (who isn’t) it is never one size fits all!

If you try your first cup and don’t like it. There are so many more cups on the market that could be perfect for you.

It is so important to remember that you might have to try multiple cups to find one that actually fits you and your needs! Some great quizzes on period product sites can help you find your perfect one.

The one I have taken is on the Hello Period site! I haven’t tried any others yet! When I do I’ll update this post…

Take the size and type quiz now! 

How To Use A Menstrual Cup NZ Tip #4 – Know What You Need And What You Don’t

At the beginning you may be super excited to start using a menstrual cup, getting into the world of reusable menstrual products can be quite exciting.

Knowing that the best way to start is with the bare minimum is really important. Knowledge is going to be more important than the whole collection, to begin with.

To start with buy only the most practical cup for you, and maybe a few reusable liners. Going all out before you know whether reusable products are for you can be more of a hindrance than a help.

Pick the most practical choices until you know that your cup and reusable pads are going to work for you, just buying a couple will give you something to try.

Tip #5 – Be Clear On The Reason This Is Going To Benefit You

Like with anything in life having intention gives us motivation and keeps us focused. So the start of your reusable cup journey should involve getting really clear about why you want this.

Why is it going to benefit you?

What are you hoping to get out of this?

Do you want to save money? Or save the planet? Either reason is totally fair, and it should be something that motivates and resonates with you.

Getting super clear on why you want to use a cup will give you the motivation to keep going while you are working through the learning phase.

How To Use A Menstrual Cup NZ Is Really Easy

Now you have all the information that you need to start your journey into reusable menstrual products, you can start shopping around for the cup that is going to suit you best!

Using a menstrual cup is such a great way to save money, and fewer trips to the bathroom give you more freedom and help your period work around you instead of you working around them.

Below I am going to put my favorite cups for different flow types and situations i.e… budget, baby or no baby, etc!

The Best Cups For You…

Best Cup On A Budget: Nappy Needz Menstrual Cup

Best Cup For Newbies: The Hello Cup (Use code AREALMUMNZ10 for 10% off!)

Best Cup For A Heavy Flow: My Cup Size 2

Best Cup For A Light Flow: My Cup Size 0

Best Cup For People Who Have Given Birth: My Cup Size 2

Best Cup For Young Girls: Meluna Cup Classic Nappy Needz Teen Cup

Best Cup For Busy Mums: Lily Cup Compact


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