Mom blog income report- Month 4

Welcome to #1 in the Mom blog income report series…

Well! I wasn’t going to do one of these but I have decided I want to document this process as I have so much excitement for the future…

I started my blog in August as a way to keep busy while navigating a tricky pregnancy and here I am still 4 months later loving it!

I love reading income reports but there isn’t a whole lot around that are actually talking about when you aren’t ‘breaking even’ just yet!

So without a doubt lets get into it!

Mom Blog Income Report – Month 4:

Why I am doing this?

There are multiple reasons that I have decided to document my “Mom blog income” from now.

Personally I love reading blog income reports, they are great for strategy, inspiration and just for a great past time in general.

I want a record for me personally to watch the growth of my blog and website and something to help make other new bloggers who have the goal of monetizing their blog feel normal!

Similar to my late pregnancy record I love to go back and look at how I was going, so lets do this!

Metrics we will look at:

As of 15/11/2022

  • Pinterest impressions in last 30 days- 9.62k
  • Pinterest engagements in last 30 days- 215

I am super pleased with how my Pinterest is going, I have been really focusing on it so am seeing amazing growth and now I am just working on a strategy to maintain that.

(My Pinterest is at its best and I am posting the least ;))

  • Email list- 11 subs

Yes this is something I haven’t put too much focus on, this is something I am just starting to build onto this now…

  • Blog posts published- 27 posts published! This will be number 28…
  • Instagram followers- 1846 followers
  • Facebook page likes- 18 page likes

My Facebook page likes are also next on my list to work on!

  • Monthly Pageviews (half way through the month)- Sitting at 435 views so far this month… baby steps 🙂

Current main focuses:

The biggest piece of advice I hear everywhere is to make sure you focus on a few things and do them really well!

So my current focuses have really been on 2 main things…

  • Content creation
  • Pinterest

This isn’t to say I haven’t been working on Facebook or Instagram at all, I still have weekly scheduled content to ensure I maintain and grow slowly.

But the content isn’t optimized or the best it could be.

I simply post the content on them to maintain them! But that is going to change once baby is here!

My attention can only focus on a couple of things being done well at a time and it is important to acknowledge that…

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Hosting: $0 No cost as I paid up front for a year in August

Convert Kit: $0 I am currently on the free convert kit plan but I will be upgrading super soon so I wanted to add this in! I love Convert kit it is the best without a doubt!

WordPress: $54 a month for the business plan

Ads: $0 I currently am not using paid adds.

Total cost this month: $54

Mom blog Income:

Affiliate income: $0.6c I am actually ecstatic as I had my first sale and I am now up skilling in affiliate marketing!

Ads income: $0.56c … ( I was up at like $5 so I don’t really know what happened I am still figuring this out. Looking at other possible ad networks…)

These are currently the only two forms of monetization until I have built my blog up a little more.

Total income: $0.62c

(Of course I haven’t had this paid out to me but this is my earnings)

Mom blog income overview:

I’m starting to see an increase in traffic which is great! Definitely a good start…

Still in the process of learning lots of things and figuring out different parts of my blog, I can only do this gradually as there is only so many hours in the day.

Affiliate marketing is definitely my next focus! Which is exciting as I have started really zoning in on it for about the last week or two.

I have already had a sale so that is super exciting…


Things that are going well:

Definitely super happy with my Pinterest game currently!

Also pleased with the progress I am beginning to make in affiliate marketing, this will only get better in the next few weeks & months.

Overall I am really enjoying what I am doing so not making anything just yet isn’t worrying me at all!

Good things take time.

Things that need to change:

  • Defintley need to be working towards better affiliate amrketing…
  • Want to work on my Facebook page and Instagram and their growth
  • I also want to work on building mye email list next as well!
  • Look into new ad networks that have a slightly less confusing way of paying out!

Goals for next month:

Metrics goals:

  • Pinterest- 15k impressions and 300 engagements
  • Email list- 20 email list subs
  • Pageviews per month- 1000
  • Facebook page- 50 Page likes
  • Instagram- 1900 followers

Income goals:

My one income goal for December is to earn $10… seems reasonable 🙂

Make sure you check out some other income reports to like the link below! They are super interesting and a great learning tool…

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