Nursery ideas for baby girls to try right now!

Nursery ideas for baby girls… planning your nursery can be a super exciting time!

Especially as you generally do it as you get closer and closer to meeting your new family member.

If your looking for inspiration you have come to the perfect place because here are nursery ideas for a baby girls room!

These can work for any nursery really, but we plan on releasing a separate baby boys nursery guide later on! (keep your eyes peeled)

Nursery ideas for baby girls… idea #1!

So the first idea that we have in our nursery that I am IN LOVE with is wall stickers…

Now stickers can sometimes be an instant no go for some people… but hear me out!

As times are changing and as technology gets better and better, wall stickers actually now do NO damage to the wall you stick them to!

So for people renting a home… It is perfect!

wall stickers, a hedgehog, owl and butterflys and flowers.

Even for anyone who doesn’t want to risk damage they are a fantastic idea. They add a pop of color to the room and a child like vibe that makes you just want to smile.

The best wall stickers are the peelable ones which you can take off and put back on a bazillion times!

Being able to move them around also means if you decide in a few months time you don’t like them or… need to move a cupboard in front of where they are.

You can just shift them… easy as pie 😉

I have never actually made pie just a disclaimer…

Removeable wall stickers! They’re the best…

Honestly there are too many benefits to wall stickers its unbelievable.

It was the nursery feature we didn’t know we needed till we got them and now I want to buy more, more, more!

Unlike painting wall stickers are totally safe for pregnant women to get into as well!

That has been super frustrating for me, certain paints are most definitely not safe for pregnant people.

Some paints say they are safe for pregnant people, but you are always risking it as the smell seems to overwhelm pregnant peoples systems super easily!

In the end a safer option was always going to be the one I would go for! Plus you can’t go wrong with the wide range of stickers available that meet all the benefits above.

There are some gorgeous ones on amazon that are an amazing price! Linked below x

Nursery ideas for baby girls… idea #2!

The second idea is super personalized! (my fave)

Pregnancy can be a life changing, sentimental, sickness induing, and weird time in anyone’s life and really you have every right to wear it like a badge.

Having a record of some of the goings on in pregnancy is a really cool thing.

In the future your kids may want to know! Or details may be useful for friends or siblings as they begin the same journey you have been on.

But in the end having little ‘keepsakes’ for yourself is really nice.

Picture frames! Personalized or not…

Photo frames. You can’t beat them!

A snapshot of a memory you made will always be special! This time round our addition to the nursery has been an ultrasound photo with a pregnancy test!

Photo frame for nursery of baby girl

Super meaningful and special. I don’t think there is anything better than something that has sentimental benefits.

The photo just added to the building excitement of our daughter arriving soon and it is a special reminder of everything we have been through to get her.

This is a great nursery idea for baby girls, it is sweet and meaningful and easy on your budget to.

This can be customed in so many special ways to suit any sort of nursery, for a little boy or girl.

It also can be done with there umbilical cord clip, with there first hat… anything that has some special value to it can be used to create a meaningful piece of wall art.

For baby girl nursery’s there is a range of wall art (not personalized) you can make the most of too.

Cute, simple prints really complete any nursery look. This one is one I love.

We have gone for a white theme in our nursery. So white frames for all our pictures have been what we chose…

Different frames for different purposes hey!

What was cool was when I was putting the ultrasound photo frame together was, I thought finding a frame with a big space in it would be super hard!

It was super easy and I was chuffed. Honestly I swear if you can’t find what your looking for in person, then just look for it on amazon.

Idea #3!

Cute mat! Ok so this is one we haven’t actually got done in our nursery yet but it is on my to do list!

Hopefully I manage to get it done before bubs arrives lol…

I love the idea of a circle pink fluffy mat right in the central part of her nursery… mats are not only nice on your feet, but as she gets older it is something perfect for her to play with her toys on.

There is a lot of time in the early days where you are up late at night feeding or even just checking on bubs, something so simple can offer just that little bit of comfort overnight.

A little bit of inspiration off Pinterest so you get what I am meaning!

Personally the round pink vibe is definitely the one I like!

There are a heap of ’round pink rugs’ on amazon so if you can’t find what your looking for else wise they definitely have what your after…

Don’t forget to grab out nesting list so you can sleep better in the nights leading up to your baby arriving…

Idea #4

Dream Catchers or hanging décor! As a little girl one thing I adored was my dream catcher…

These are such a simple yet aesthetically pleasing and special idea.

Dream catchers or any type of hanging décor, like hanging butterflies or stars can have a really positive affect on us all.

As a kid if I had had a ‘bad dream’ just looking at up at my blue dream catcher which was super pretty and had flowers and butterflies on it, was enough for me to start thinking about something else!

The other huge benefit to a dream catcher is that they are amazing for families on a budget, which lets face it these days. Is most of us.

Dream catchers aren’t tricky to make and lots of times you probably have enough bits and bobs lying around to make one without even going to the shop!

There are also plenty of build a dream catcher kits available that could be special to make with your older kids as a gift to the new baby!

They are a special unique idea, that can be a super meaningful gift that can really last forever… pretty sure my one is still around somewhere.

Nursery Ideas for baby girls… idea #5!

Name Blocks! These are the cutest idea, totally not original but super cute and special!

Name blocks come in many shapes and forms, you can have letters individually that you may stick on the door or wall or even in a frame.

Or you could get a framed photo of your kids name with some cute art done in it!

In the end just having there name within there place is a special homely thing that will not only help your bub in the future learn there name.

It is a nice reminder that the are they are in is their place within your home!

This can be a nice wee project for mamas in their late pregnancy too, even if its designing the name paper to go in the frame or figuring out what stickers go on what blocks!

If you know bubs name then go for it! (it is also ok if you don’t)

If you liked this idea check out our baby shower gifts for every mums post below…

Idea #6

Mosquito net, ok so I like hanging features clearly…

I feel like mosquito nets are a super cute idea, they make you feel safe and snuggly add an element of shadow for better sleep.

Plus they look super cute, an addition like this is bound to make the room feel super homey and in the end that’s what you want!

The princess room kind of vibe is real hey!

Plus if you live in a place with lots of real bugs it could even be practical?

I just feel a white or pink mosquito net is a super cute addition to your wee girls room and with time when you get to a big girl bed it is all the more reason she will want to stay in it!

Nursery ideas for baby girls… Idea #7

Plants are another idea I love for nursery’s…

Real plants have so many benefits and in a hanging macrame holder or on a high shelf they look lovely.

Also as well all know plants are great for reducing toxins in the air! So what is not to love…

Fake plants even give that homely feel as well which is so important within the vibes of a nursery.

It is important that you make sure if there is potting mix within them that they are up high so little hands can’t get a hold of them!

Also do your research regarding the benefits of different house plants and pick the one best suited to you.

You may want to start with it in a living space then transition it into babies room as they get older.

Whatever works for you is always what’s best!

Idea #8

Rocking Horse, this one is another of my favorite things from my room as a kid!

Rocking horses are gorgeous and great décor, with time they will become your little girls favourite thing.

Not only a great toy but a great addition to any nursery, I don’t feel I need to say anymore than that!

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