Busy Mum Recipes – EASY BURGERS! (Literally 5 main ingredients, plus 5 top tips for meal planning!)

Meal time in our house can be such a drag some nights! But when you’re going to make some super quick, super yummy food it can change it around! Quick but delicious meals which are easy to make can make or break an evening. Plus at 26 weeks pregnant food is certainly my favorite past time! These burgers are my fave and honestly I would probably eat them for breakfast, lunch and tea!

These burgers are super easy to make! Limited mess and limited cost! I guess they are a cheese burger of sorts! Right! To the shopping list the things you need for this recipe, you are likely to have these sitting around or be able to purchase them for cheap! The recipe is awesome because you can custom it to your liking to! Add or takeaway your favorite foods!

Shopping list:

  • Bread Rolls – Any sort you like! My favorite are the cheese and bacon topped ones!
  • Mince – Any sort you want, I use beef mince! You can also buy already made mince patties.
  • Coat’n’cook or bread crumbs – These in a gentle coating over the mince is just beautiful
  • Margarine or butter – This completes the buns it is wonderful cooked in to the buns!
  • Cheese Slices – Okay so maybe we call the ones we buy ‘plastic cheese’ but hey it tastes so good! Or you can buy or make natural slices!

Optional add ons!

  • Sauces – Any sauce of your choosing!
  • Lettuce – Can be an awesome addition to your burger.
  • Eggs – Fried eggs are another wonderful addition!
  • Bacon – Bacon is a great addition to!
  • Chicken patties – Can be a great substitute or addition to a burger.

For me, cooking can be a chore! Especially when you do it most nights! So to try to change my mindset about cooking I am always trying to ‘spice’ my cooking up and cook things I really feel like! I am total planning fee so I plan out all my meals for the fortnight to make it easier for myself to budget for us! Meal planning can actually be really enjoyable, and make cooking easier! When you know what you’re going to be cooking or even have an idea of what you’re going to cook gets rid of the “ugh I still have to cook dinner” feeling. Meal planning has changed my feelings towards dinner time and has resulted in plenty of yummy meals! We have actually designed our own meal planner. I use it on my iPad, but you could print it just as easily.

How to make the actual burgers!

It is a super easy process! Use the mince to make patties, its super easy roll them in a ball then flatten them. I then dust them with the breadcrumbs or coating of my choosing and fry them in a little bit of hot oil in a pan for around 6-8 minutes. Whilst your doing that cut all the buns into halves, you could butter them and then fry them briefly in a warm pan but I like to put the butter in the pan then pop the inside of the roll onto the warm butter.

That’s it…

That is the only real cooking involved! Next you just want to grab all your ingredients for the insides of your buns and build your dream dinner! I love cheese, meat then sweet chili sauce! Simple as and we had all the ingredients in our kitchen!

I love these sorts of meals after a busy day, it is so important to have a good feed for the family and for you!! Now onto my five top tips for meal planning and staying motivated with dinners.

  1. Meal planning! Plan your meals out it helps when you get to actually making it trust me.
  2. Plan around your pay! Planning around your pay cycles is a really good idea so you can have one shopping day!
  3. Talk to the people your cooking for! Ask them their fave foods, think about your fave meals! Plan from there.
  4. Planning means freezing! Freeze anything your not ready to use. This stops your fridge becoming over stocked and ensures you don’t waste anything.
  5. Smart portions! Cook exactly what you need. Maybe your cooking dinner for two and a leftover lunch for tomorrow… cook smart portions!

Meal planning can totally change the ball game when it comes to dinners! Hey you can thank me later! What’s your fave meal planning/prep tip?


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