3 weeks post c-section… what is it really like? Baby is here and that means it is time for “the last 6 weeks of pregnancy” to be “the first 6 weeks post partum”!

My labour was induced and went for 12 hours, bubs got stuck so I ended up with an emergency Cesarean.

Definitely I felt a lot more nervous about adapting to have a new baby and healing from surgery!

3 Weeks post c-section – The actual c-section experience…

It is funny how the memory fades everything that happens… I understand how people have more now lol!

With time the memory just starts fading, plus when I am sitting cuddled up with that little baby on my chest all the dignity I lost and the pain I went through genuinely feels worth it.

It is funny having your first kid in the sense people start automatically talking about the next!

I am honestly so in love with her though that I can’t see myself wanting another.

Then again during my pregnancy I couldn’t see my future with her in it (protective mind thing) but now I barely remember what life was like without her.


I have had limited pain this week. Like almost none at all. Except for if I overdo it or when I have been active a lot.

I am now completely weaned off any pain killers, I only occasionally have some Panadol when I overdo it or if I have to travel in the car a whole lot.

I have only noticed a bit of aching when I have been doing housework or been super active and it is nothing that needs painkillers just enough to be niggly!

The only other time I notice “pain” is when I sneeze sometimes the side I didn’t protetc at the start stings a little!

Even car trips aren’t to tough on me anymore!

3 Week post c-section scar:


I took my bandage off a couple of days ago and it is making great progress.

The one weepy spot has healed nicely it is a little redder than the other spots but still looking really good!

The “hospital cut” they gave me is mildly annoying especially as I can’t get near it currently!

But the scar is far smaller than I thought it was! I am quite pleased with it.

Remember to call your health provider if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Redness or swelling around the scar/wound
  • Excessive puss or pain
  • Any openings of the wound or bleeding
  • A fever of above 38*c
  • Any concerns don’t hesitate to contact health professional!

This week I can sneeze/cough and laugh without an insane stinging pain in my scar to which is fantastic, it’s all just gradual progress. Only stings on one side sometimes!


My mobility is fab, I have carried bub in the capsule a couple of times when I have had to and my body is handling well.

I think during the healing process it is super important to listen to your body and know how it is managing.

Also realizing if you are on painkillers it is hard to listen to your body as they mask pain, don’t hurt yourself!

I have been able to hang a bit of washing to which is great!

Feeling up to driving honestly but I just haven’t yet and will make the most of not driving till I have to.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!

3 Weeks Post C-section Bleeding:

I have had limited bleeding at this stage and I am down to wearing just liners which is a great feeling! 3 Weeks post c-section has definitely seen the bleeding settle down, it is just on and off and not much.

It is almost really annoying cause you think it is gone but then its not!

Other notes:

3 weeks post c-section has been a good week for me!

I am starting to really feel myself again, like I was before I got pregnant.

We are currently getting really good sleep as she is only waking us for like 3 feeds a night, we are in a good routine.

Don’t get me wrong it isn’t all butterflies and rainbows, I am still adjusting to being touched all the time, eating and drinking cold food and drinks and showering when I can find time!

A new baby is a blessing but takes plenty of adjustment!

If I miss out on my daily nap I am tired as heck…

But hey all progress!

We got our newborn photos back to! They are perfect… Moment Maker Photography, with Sam Carter on Facebook!

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